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Lean Manufacturing Principles and Techniques

ISO 9000:2008 Implementation

ISO 9000:2000 Implementation Assistance to help you and
your company exceed expectations while pursuing

your full growth and earning potentials.

ISO 9000:2000 Implementation Assistance you'll not find in the
books of neither in the APICS Library...
nor the Harvard Business School Press.

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For more than 14 years, Our Customers have looked to Business Basics as a trusted developer of quality seminars, courses and training materials.

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Are you In Search of a Better Way?

If you're in search of a better way to run your business, you have come to the right place. Here you will find quality management help that provides the foundation for reaching your full growth and earning potentials.

Do you and your company want to:

Improve its product quality... its supplier's quality?

*  Transform problem finger-pointing into proactive problem solving ?

*  Eliminate non-value-added activities/costs from its supply chain?

Improve customer service and satisfaction?

*  Gain control of activities and create a fun work environment?

*  Exceed quality goals and expectations?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, stay connected and you'll discover how a focus on George Zalatan's "Back-to-Basics" can change your professional life and your company's bottom line for the better. Believe this, for you and your company to reach your full growth and earning potentials you need to accomplish two things:

1. Establish an effective quality management system

2. You need to develop a process for obtaining “top-to-bottom,” com-pany commitment to the flawless execution of your quality manage-ment system. This commitment becomes a launching pad for achieve-ments beyond all expectations.

If you’re pursuing a computer hardware and/or software solution to your problems; you may have the “cart before the horse!”  If you’re not focused on identifying and mastering the BASICS of your quality management system, no level of system sophistication will get you to where you want to go.

The  ISO 9000:2008 Quality Management System

The ISO 9000:2000 Quality Management System is for companies that are serious about optimizing their customer's service and satisfaction. The ISO System has proven to help organizations:

*  Improve quality... reducing scrap, rework, warrantee costs  

*  Decrease cycle times... increasing product profit margins  

*  Improving supplier performance... eliminating late shipments

*  Eliminate non-value-added activities...decreasing operating costs

Improving  customer satisfaction... becoming supplier of choice  

*  Reduce stress in the workplace... Increasing worker productivity

If these improvements are important to you and your company, then George Zalatan's ISO and Lean Six Sigma implementation assistance is for you. His ISO and six sigma principles, techniques and processes developed and tested during his twenty year career in business are available to help you reach your full growth and earning potentials. For complete details of George's program, simply click on the below link: 

ISO 9000 and Six Sigma Implementation Assistance

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