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For more than 10 years, our customers have looked to Bill Gaw as a trusted developer of  inventory management training materials. Training materials that help improve the spirit and performance of individuals, teams, organizations and companies.

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If you've ever said, "There must be a better way." 
... there is, and it's not more computerization!

Business success is directly related to how well it masters the basics of supply chain management. These BASICS provide the foundation for optimizing system and process results. Without a tenacious execution of these BASICS, there's no way a company will reach its full growth and earnings potentials.

  • Do you want to eliminate poor quality suppliers?

  • Do you want to eliminate non-value-added costs?

  • Do you want to reduce inventories?

  • Do you want to eliminate part shortages and late deliveries?

  • Do you want to achieve just-in-time performance?

  • Do you want to permanently eliminate recurring problems?

  • Do you want to exceed expectations and earn recognition and rewards?

  • Do you want to create a fun working environment?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, you no doubt will find value for whatever time you spend on this website. If you are in search of a better way to run your business, you have come to the right place. Here you will find Bill Gaw's 8-BASICS of Inventory and Supply Chain Inventory Management ... 8-BASICS to achieving MRP, ERP, and lean enterprise success ...  8-BASICS for proactive solutions that eliminate difficult problems...  8-BASICS for getting the right parts to the right place at the right time and at the right price.

How to Design and Implement an
 Inventory and Supply Chain Management Initiative

Most training materials today are either Adobe .pdf e-books with little or no effective graphics, PowerPoint presentations with no commentary to explain the content of the slides, videos that tell you what to do but with very little implementation and/or optimization “know how,” and seminars/ Webinars that present a lot of materials but most attendee’s retention rate is less than 25%.

Bill Gaw's tutorials on the other hand include powerful, PowerPoint charts and graphics, "plus" annotated note pages with "slide commentary" and "lessons learned" by a "been there, done that" manufacturing professional. A value added, learning experience on "how to" design, implement and optimize a lean manufacturing process initiative for individual and company success.

 "Inventory Management Training"

Objective:  Provide cost-effective, self-paced e-learning for anyone...
                everyone... anywhere... anytime.

Purpose:   Make available inventory management knowledge without
                the high cost of seminars, travel expenses, and time away
                from the job.

Benefits:   Competitive knowledge to help you and your company: 

  • Become problem solvers not finger pointers 

  • Stabilize material requirement take actions

  • Reduce inventories and Improve inventory turnover

  • Transform your work environment from drudgery to fun

  • Minimize your day-to-day stress level

  • Identify & master  Lean Supply Chain Management Basics

  • Optimize the execution of your logistic plans

  • Gain well deserved recognition and rewards

  • Increase speed, improve quality, reduce non-value-added costs

Training Manual - Should you choose to do in-house training, our comprehensive training manual prepares facilitators to present a successful training session with background information and step-by-step administrative guidelines.

And, it's the "how to" that really makes a difference.

One of our customers said it even better than we can:

"Bill Gaw's e-learning is focused on the "how to." Unlike other training materials that tell you only what you need to do... Bill's training presents what you need to do and then he shows you how to do it."

                                                    T.J. Imholts, VP Operations, Adstore Inc.

Don't Get Your "Cart before the horse"

If you’re pursuing a computer hardware and/or software solution to your problems; you may have the “horse before the cart!”  If you’re not focused on identifying and mastering the BASICS of your business and profession, no level of system sophistication will get you to where you want to go.

 Inventory Management Training
for anyone...  anywhere...

An Inventory and Supply Chain Management Training Package:  Featuring:  The Bill Gaw Tutorial " 8-BASICS of Inventory and Supply Chain Management" Plus 5-relevant training modules and a Train the Trainer Manual.  If  you need to get the right parts to the right place at the right time and at the right total cost... Click on the below link to discover the how to:

Supply Chain Management Training

"Back to Basics" e-Training for anyone ... anywhere ... anytime

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