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Strategic Process

Strategic Planning process to help you and your
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and earning potentials.

Strategic Planning process that you'll not find in the
books of neither in the APICS Library...
nor the Harvard Business School Press.

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"We must constantly retool ourselves, become
 perpetual students, or we risk becoming obsolete."
Price Pritchett

Strategic Process

If you've ever said, "There must be a better way." 
... there is, and it's not more computerization!

A company's success is directly related to how well it masters the basics of Strategic Planning. These BASICS provide the foundation for optimizing growth and profits. Without a tenacious execution of these BASICS, there's no way a company will reach its full growth and earnings potentials. EVER!

  • Are you tired of strategic plans that do nothing?

  • Do you want to eliminate costly non-producing activities?

  • Do you desire to earn well deserved recognition and rewards?

  • Do you want to create a fun working environment?

  • Do you want to eliminate the problem finger-pointing?

  • Does your company want to improve customer satisfaction?

  • Do you want to master the strategic planning process?

  • Do you want to improve tactical plan execution?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, you no doubt will find value for whatever time you spend reviewing this Web page. If you are in search of a better way to run your business, you have come to the right place. Here you will find Bill Gaw's BASICS of Strategic Planning and Tactical Execution ... BASICS to achieving MRP, ERP, and lean enterprise success ...  BASICS to proactive solutions that eliminate customer complaints...  BASICS that transform strategic Plans into reality..

"The more you know how to do, and the 
better you do it, the more valuable you become."
                                                                         Price Pritchett

The Strategic Process
"The 10-Basics of Strategic planning and Tactical Execution"

Most strategic planning training materials today are .pdf e-books... mostly dialog with a few non-usable presentation graphics. 

Our Strategic Process on the other hand includes a total of 194 reproducible, PowerPoint® team training graphics, plus annotated note pages with explanations, and "lessons learned" by Bill Gaw, a "been there, done that" professional. 

A value added, learning experience and/or training tool on "how to" develop, implement, and execute strategic planning fundamentals for personal and company success.

Strategic Process

Objective:  Provide cost-effective, self-paced e-learning for anyone...
                everyone... anywhere... anytime.

Purpose:   Make available strategic planning knowledge without
                the high cost of seminars, travel expenses, and time away
                from the job.

Benefits:   Competitive knowledge to help you and your company: 

  • Transform visions into reality

  • Become problem solvers not finger pointers 

  • Stabilize inter-department activities

  • Transform your work environment from drudgery to fun

  • Minimize your day-to-day stress level

  • Identify and master Strategic Planning Basics

  • Optimize the execution of your tactical plans

  • Gain well deserved recognition and rewards

  • Increase speed, improve quality, reduce non-value-added costs

Training Manual - Should you choose to do in-house training, our comprehensive training manual prepares facilitators to present a successful training session with background information and step-by-step administrative guidelines.

And, it's the "how to" that really makes a difference.

One of our customers said it even better than we can:

"Bill Gaw's e-learning is focused on the "how to." Unlike other training materials that tell you only what you need to do... Bill's training presents what you need to do and then he shows you how to do it."

                                                    T.J. Imholts, VP Operations, Adstore Inc.

The Strategic Process
"The 10-Basics of Strategic Planning
and Tactical Execution

Supply Chain Management Training


So much more than the competition...
and, at a 43 Percent savings for Website visitors!

To help you realize the revolutionary benefits of this Supply Chain Management 
e-Tutorial and achieve world class results fast, we have a very special offer for you.

First, we've reduced the price of Bill Gaw's e-tutorial "10 Basics of Strategic Planning and Tactical Execution" from our bookstore price of $395.00 to $295.00.

And second, to help you optimize your supply chain success, we will include with your e-Tutorial two bonuses:

  • CD, Value Stream Mapping e-Training Module $96 value

  • Hard Copy, Train the Trainer Manual $24 value 

A $515.00 value for a discounted price of $295.00

That's a $220.00 savings from our bookstore price and thousands of dollars less than attending offsite seminars. And with Mr. Gaw's expert commentary and "lessons learned" it's like attending seminars in person ... having Bill guide you personally through the techniques and processes. And, you'll have all the materials for future reference.

Compared to many other educational organizations, Business Basics avoids a general, philosophical approach. Rather we aim to be intensely practical, providing actionable how-to information for individuals and businesses that want to achieve their full growth and earning potentials


We are so sure that this training program will have the impact you desire that you can order entirely at our risk. The Strategic Process comes with a No Risk, 100% Unconditional Money- Back Guarantee. This is a Lifetime 100% Money- Back Guarantee!  

Believe this, I will never consider your purchase binding until you have reviewed all the material and put it into practice. We know that you, like our other customers, will be thrilled with the results. In fact, we are so convinced that the training program will work for you that if you aren't completely satisfied for any reason at any time, simply return it for an immediate refund of your purchase price. You simply can't lose.

Another of our satisfied clients said it even better than we can …

"With the introduction of his Strategic Planning Tutorial, Bill has finally closed the loop on e-learning tools that can help manufacturing companies gain control of their operations and exceed bottom line expectations."

                      Donald Schweibold, President, SolarTube Corporation

Remember, if you continue to work the same way, you're going to get the same results. The next move is up to you. I've shown you that our e-training program is as risk free as an offer can come. You and I know that if you've read this far, you're seriously interested in bringing sanity to your day-to-day work environment and helping yourself and your company achieve their full growth and earnings potential.

   You may ask... what's in it for me and my company?

       Your Strategic Process will help you: 

  • Become a better team leader and manager

  • Transform your work environment form drudgery to fun

  • Minimize your team's day-to-day stress levels

  • Understand and master strategic planning basics

  • Gain recognition, promotions, and salary increases.

       Your Strategic Process will help your company: 

  • Transform strategic plans into reality

  • Increase speed, improve quality, and reduce costs

  • Eliminate the high cost of shop floor chaos

  • Put and end to costly end-pf-the-month scrambling

  • Increase team contribution to company's "bottom line."

 An "ORDER NOW BONUS"... If you place your order during the month of August,  we will immediately email you a download copy of " How to Survive in an Entirely New Economy." Here's your opportunity to learn what team members need to do to succeed in the new economy.

Three Ways To Order:

To order by credit card: If you place your order via our secure order form, shipping and handling are free. We'll send confirmation by return email and ship your tutorial plus bonuses via USPS priority mail and you'll have it in your hands in 2-3 days. (Domestic shipments) Just click on the bar below the credit card icons.

To order by phone: call us at 760-945-5596 

To order by fax: Simply fax your purchase order and shipping instruction to 413-502-2839. We'll send confirmation be return fax.

A Gift for You
If you feel that this offer is not for you, I respect your decision and appreciate your time investment.
If you forward to a colleague, you'll receive, via an email download, Bill Gaw's introduction to the "8-BASICS
of Lean Manufacturing." A PowerPoint® Presentation.

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