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It's Kaizen Based Lean Manufacturing (KBLM)

Business Basics, lean manufacturing professionals carry out manufacturing surveys and develop lean manufacturing improvement plans based on Bill Gaw's Kaizen Based Lean Manufacturing (KBLM) methodology for companies that are serious about implementing/optimizing their lean manufacturing initiative. Based on Bill's KBLM methodology, companies have:

* Successfully integrated a lean initiative with MRP to improve their manufacturing performance... Benefit: Optimized contribution to their company's bottom line.

* Improved the quality of communication and speed of execution of customer requirements improving customer responsiveness and satisfaction... Benefit: Earned "supplier of choice" awards from existing and potential customers.

* Executed proactive, continuous improvements to increase and accelerate positive change ... Benefit: Increased speed, improved quality and eliminated non-value-added activities and related costs.

* Designed and implemented a motivational performance system improving the spirit and morale of individuals, teams, and organizations... Benefit: Exceeded goals and expectations while retaining critical knowledge and skills of "high contribution" employees.

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Lean Manufacturing Assessment

Non-disruptive Manufacturing Assessment
and Lean Transformation Plan

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