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Hi, Bill Gaw here... owner of the Lean Manufacturing Academy and publisher of the Lean Manufacturing Best Practices (LMBP) Bulletin. I'm also a top contributor to LinkedIn Groups.

Because your interested in lean knowledge and skills, I thought you would be interested in enrolling in the Lean Manufacturing Academy and receiving my bulletins. By special invitation, you'll qualifies for five video lessons and two .ppt training modules. (All at no cost of course.)

For brief details, simply click on the below link or copy and paste it into your browser and click on go:

Have a nice day,

Bill Gaw

P.S. If this special offer is not for you, please pass it on to team members that have a need or an interest.

Leadership Skills 6 of 8

Leadership Skills 7 of 8

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Knowledge and Training Options:

Lean Manufacturing Simulation Game

Manufacturing Seminar
Business Opportunity

Lean Manufacturing Knowledge Package

Performance Manage-ment Knowledge

Supply Chain Manage-ment Knowledge

Strategic Planning Knowledge Package

Manufacturing, Management
Development Program

Lean Manufacturing Certification Program

Lean Manufacturing,
DIY Training-in-a-Box

Kaizen Event Training

Manufacturing Assessment and
Action Plat

Lean Manufacturing
Consulting and

Box Workshop

Lean Manufacturing PowerPoint

Lean Manufacturing PowerPoint-Plus Training Modules

Lean Six Sigma
Training Program

Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing Articles Series 16

Team Facilitation Skills 1 of 8

Team Facilitation Skills 2 of 8

Team Facilitation Skills 3 of 8

Team Facilitation Skills 4 of 8

Team Facilitation Skills 5 of 8

Team Facilitation Skills 6 of 8

Team Facilitation Skills 7 of 8

Team Facilitation Skills 8 of 8

Manufacturing Excellence 1 of 6

Manufacturing Excellence 2 of 6

Manufacturing Excellence 3 of 6

Manufacturing Excellence 4 of 6

Manufacturing Excellence 5 of 6

Manufacturing Excellence 6 of 6

Team Effectiveness 1 of 6

Team Effectiveness 2 of 6

Team Effectiveness 3 of 6

Team Effectiveness 4 of 6

Team Effectiveness 5 of 6

Team Effectiveness 6 of 6

Strategic Planning 1 0f 6

Strategic Planning 2 0f 6

Strategic Planning 3 0f 6

Strategic Planning 4 0f 6

Strategic Planning 5 0f 6

Strategic Planning 3 0f 6

Training Success 1 of 6

Training Success 2 of 6

Training Success 3 of 6

Training Success 4 of 6

Training Success 5 of 6

Training Success 6 of 6








































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