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Why Do Most Lean Manufacturing Implementation Fail to Meet Expectations?

A while back, the Aberdeen Group, published their “Lean Benchmark Report.” Of close to 300 manufacturers that participate in this study, 90% reported that they are committed to Lean. However, further analysis found that less than 20% of these companies can be con-sidered best-in-class. The report went on to say: "Companies that have achieved operational excellence through the deployment of a lean strategy share this important characteristic:

"Dedication to basics such as streamlining processes, creating a well ordered work environment, and ongoing continuous improvement programs (Kaizen)."

Lean Manufacturing Implementation Training...
It's the BASICS, friend!

In their efforts to draw closer to customers, many manufacturers have lost focus on what should be a company’s primary success factor – mastering the basics of their business and profession. Like Vince Lombardi, who achieved success by having his team focus on the mastery of football basics, we need to have our manufacturing teams identify and master the basics of lean manufacturing. No lean manufacturing Implementation will meet expectations without first  indentifying and then mastering Bill Gaw's 8-Basics of Kaizen Based Lean Manufacturing.

If you've ever said, "There must be a better way." 
... there is, and it's not more computerization!

 Lean Manufacturing Implementation

"Do you want to optimize your lean Implementationsuccess? If so, you need to identify and master the basics of lean manufacturing. Many historic, recurring day-to-day problems (perhaps the same problems that plague your operation) can be permanently eliminated by a tenacious execution of Bill Gaw's "8-Basics of Kaizen Based Lean Manufacturing™."   

     Lean Manufacturing Implementation Training via Bill
      Gaw's Gaw's, PowerPoint-Plus, Training Tutorial: The
"8-Basics of Kaizen Based Lean Manufacturing"

8-Basics for eliminating part shortages
8-Basics for improving inventory utilization
8-Basics for reducing scrap and rework
*  8-Basics for improving on time deliveries
8-Basics for improving customer satisfaction
8-Basics for eliminating non-value-added costs
8-Basics for exceeding goals and expectations
8-Basics for creating a fun working environment
8-Basics for earning recognition and rewards
8-Basics for reducing work place stress.

The 8-Basics of Kaizen Based Lean Manufacturing™

Kaizen Based Lean Manufacturing (KBLM) does not replace the MRP system but rather optimizes its shop floor and purchasing sub-systems. KBLM methodology can generate two to three times MRP cost reductions while producing significant improvement in quality and customer satisfaction.

Below is a graphic that shows the impact of optimizing MRP shop floor and purchasing sub-systems with Bill Gaw's KBLM methodology:

"Make-a-Difference" Lean Manufacturing Implementation Training

Most training materials today are Videos/Webinars that tell you what to do but with very little practical implementation and/or optimization “know how.” Videos/Webinars present their story at a fast pace but most viewer’s retention rate is less than 25% and videos and webinars  perform poorly as a reference document.

Bill Gaw's tutorials and training modules on the other hand include powerful, Power-Point charts and graphics, "plus" annotated note pages with "slide commentary" and "lessons learned" by a "been there, done that" operations professional. A value added, learning experience on "how to" design, implement and optimize a lean manufacturing initiative for individual and company success. 

Our customers study the tutorial and T-modules content, print relevant sections, and highlight passages that are important to understanding and executing their change initiatives. The resultant blueprint is used for training and empowering their procurement team in their pursuit of inventory and supply chain performance objectives. Videos/Webinars don’t provide the same capabilities and their performance results are minimal.

One of the  keys to success is having a great coach. Whether you're in the trenches or working your way up the company ladder, the experience of someone who's "been there, done that" can be invaluable. Throughout his training  material  Bill Gaw provides expert knowledge, support, empathy, respect and most important, the wisdom of experience. And, he's always just an email away.

Another plus is that every training package includes a "Train-the-Trainer" manual should your training objective be DIY, team training.

An OEM company's Lean Manufacturing Implementation: 

Bill's Tutorial presents the Case Study: "How the 8-Basics of Kaizen Based Lean Manufacturing helped Palomar Systems eliminate their end-of-the-month scramble... Customer satisfaction up from 85% to 99-plus%, Inventory turns up from 2.2 to 8.3, product profit margin up from 32% to 55%, scrap and rework reduce by 76%."

Lean Manufacturing Actual Resluts

Our Company

For more than 15 years, our 1700 plus customers and 15,000 plus newsletter subscribers have looked to Business Basics as a trusted developer of lean manufacturing training material... manufacturing knowledge and implementation know-how that's helping individuals and companies exceed their goals and expectations.

Our customer list speaks for itself. These companies are serious, as we know you are, about optimizing their company results and improving their bottom line. To review a partial list of customers using Business Basics’ PowerPoint-Plus training in their pursuit of best-in-class performance, simply click on  our customers.

Lean Manufacturing Implementation Training
It's the "how to" that really counts!

"Bill Gaw's training is focused on the "how to." Unlike other training  material that tell you only what you need to do... Bill's training presents what you need to do and then he shows you how to do it.                                      
                                    T.J. Imholte, VP Integrated Systems
                                                  Advance Storage Products

"Bill is one of the most prolific individuals in the consulting industry and profession. He is a true thought leader and a great coach -- one of the best. His advice is golden and he has the respect of his colleagues worldwide. We all religiously read his articles and news-letters because they are informative, educational and right on the mark."                                   

            Phil Andrews, Business Development, Project Manager

The Lean Manufacturing Implementation
Training  Package
Featuring Bill Gaw's Tutorial:
"The 8-Basics of Kaizen Based Lean Manufacturing"

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What Does It Cost?

Much less than you would imagine. To help you realize the full benefits of your Lean Manufacturing Implementation, PowerPoint-Plus, Training  Package, we include the below training  materials:

CD, Tutorial - "The 8-Basics of Kaizen Based Lean Manufacturing™" (Price: $497.00)

CD, Value Stream Mapping - Value stream maps help everyone agree on the current state and what their future state would look like. With this shared vision, everyone begins to move forward as a team and lean Implementation exceeds all expectations. (Price $97.00)

CD, Thinking Outside the Box - An e-Book... discover ideas, insights, and proactive solutions that create and maintain a company's competitive edge. (Price $97.00)

CD, Quality System Toolbox -  Provides an interactive ISO 9000 checklist and quality manual and procedures to jump-start or re-ignite a company's quality management initiative. Provides a quality management roadmap to optimize prior quality efforts and maintain a focus on improving quality. (Price $97.00)

Train the Trainer Manual Should you decide to use your tutorial  for in-house training we also include a printed-version of an effective training methodology, a vital "train the trainer" resource.  (Price $28.00)

A $816.00 value...  discounted $420.00 for
Special  Website visitor's Price of only: $396.00

A Very Special Discount Price
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Order your Lean Manufacturing Implementation Training Package today at your very special holiday price of only $396.00 That's a discount of 51% from our retail pricing and thousands of dollars less than the price of attending relevant seminars.

And, It is Better than Attending a Live Seminar

With expert commentary and "lessons learned" it's like attending a seminar in person, having Bill guide you personally through his KBLM methodology. Plus, you'll have all of Bill's "commentary and lessons learned" for future reference and team training. Live seminars just don't provide the same results.


A Bill Gaw supporter saying it better than we can:

“Bill's experience and the resources he provides are first rate and of great practical value for both the experienced manager wishing to push improvement in their business as well as people at the beginning of their careers who need to understand the basics of making businesses lean and effective”

                     Quentin Kopp, a Linkedin.com recommendation

Do you want to:

1.  Become a better team member/leader/manager/executive?
2.  Focus your energy on the significant issues?
3.  Transform your work environment from drudgery to fun?
4.  Minimize your day-to-day stress level?
5.  Master the basics of lean manufacturing management?
6.  Exceed your goals and expectations?
7.  Gain recognition, promotions, and salary increases?

Does your company want to:

1.  Improve customer responsiveness and satisfaction?
2.  Optimize MRP/ERP and manufacturing processes?
3.  Increase speed and improve quality?
4.  Eliminate non-value-added costs?
5.  Eliminate the high cost of overtime, scrap, and rework?
6.  Improve customer on-time delivery of high quality products?
7.  Gain control of inventories and optimize their turnover?
8.  Increase team contribution to the company's "bottom line?"

Our Guarantee says it all 

We are so sure that your Lean Manufacturing Implementation Training Package will have the impact you desire that you can order entirely at our risk. The training  package comes with a No Risk, 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee.


Believe this, we will never consider your purchase binding until you have reviewed all the material and put it into practice. We know that you, like our other customers, will be thrilled with the results. In fact, we are so convinced that your lean manufacturing training will work for you that if you're not completely satisfied for any reason at any time, simply let us know and we'll immediately refund your purchase price. You simply can't lose.

Remember, if you continue to work the same way, you're going to get the same results. The next move is up to you. We've shown you that our Lean Manufacturing Implementation Training Package is as risk free as an offer can be. You and I know that if you've read this far, you're seriously interested in bringing sanity to your day-to-day work environment and helping yourself and your organization reach your full growth and earning potentials. So as the old commercial said it: "Just do it!"

An "ORDER NOW BONUS"... Push vs. Pull Video: If you order during this special September offer, we will include a classic, humorous lean manufacturing video. This is the famous "Oldie but Goodie" HP video that demonstrates: Push vs. Pull systems, one-piece-flow,  stockless production, and cycle time management. It helps transform MRP supporters into lean manufacturing advocates and champions.



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The Lean Manufacturing Implementation Training Package

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