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Kaizen Team Training Workshop

A 5-Day, Non-disruptive, "Make-a-Difference,"
Kaizen Team Training Workshop

(80% of training is done in the workplace)

"Manufacturing Companies deploying lean and process improvement initiatives must seek, educate and train their workforce as a prerequisite for success."

                                                                                                                     Richard Artes

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In Pursuit of Customer Satisfaction and Profits

A study of companies that have achieved Operational Excellence will invariably show that they have developed a culture of gradual, continuous improvement. This culture provides the basis for change initiative implementation success that helps companies execute their strategic objectives and reach their full growth and profit potentials.  

The Japanese call it kaizen - a culture of gradual, continuous improvement. We describe it as "a tenacious focus on quick-hitting, process improvements." 

Kaizen team training workshop provides a foundation for
exceeding goals and expectations and improving
your company's competitive edge?

When is come to overcoming objections, eliminating roadblocks, and pro-active problem solving, kaizen event training is a primary requisite. How else does an organization solve these common problems:

1. Increase team contribution to the company's "bottom line
4. Increase speed, improve quality and reduce costs
. Gain control of inventories and optimize their turnover  
5. Improve customer responsiveness and satisfaction
6. Bullet-proof continuous improvements
7. Creating a fun working environment
8. Reduce work place stress

Kaizen Team Training Workshop
A 5-Day, On-the-Job, Non-disruptive Event
80 percent of workshop is done at the workplace.

"Empowered workforce team members must master key skills before participating in company kaizen events. These skills are acquired through structured training with significant coaching. The best path to learn these prerequisite skills is to learn and then practice them with experienced coaches."
                                                                                                Richard Artes

Purpose:    For participants to be trained and coached by a "been-
                  there, done-that" kaizen professional.

Objective:  Provide an opportunity for key personnel to participate
                  implementing and optimizing their continuous improve-
                  ment workshop.

Benefits:     A transfer of practical knowledge and implementations
                  skills to help your organizations
Increase speed, improve
                  quality and reduce non-value-added costs.

Our Typical Non-disruptive, On-the-Job,
Kaizen Team Training Workshop

Train - Plan - Execute - Results 

     Day 1: Project Selection
 * Introductions
                * Shop Floor Visit
* Workshop Review and Discussion
                * Project Selections

     Day 2: Project Planning
                * Brainstorming
* Project Selection
                * Metrics identified
                * Current Value Stream Map

     Day 3: Project Planning and Implementation
                * Gap Analysis
Future Value Stream Map
   * Metrics Instituted
                * Improvements Implemented

     Day 4: Project Review
* Project Fine Tuning
* Leader Coaching

     Day 5: Project Assessment
                * Leader Coaching
* Management Presentation
* Project Forum

Workshop is designed and structured to meet your needs.

Establishing a kaizen team  training workshop is the only
way to remain competitive in the global market.

Your 5-Day, At-Your-Site,  Kaizen Team Training Workshop
80 percent of workshop is done in the workplace.


Live at your facility






Prod'n Leaders, Engineers, Key Production People, Key Materials People


English, Spanish

Kaizen "On-the-Job" Team Training Workshop

 A Kaizen Project: Project selection, problem solving, goal setting and results assessment... all aimed at the transfer of the kaizen knowledge and implementation skills.

Kaizen Team Training Workshop
by Mike Osterling

Compared to many other kaizen coaches, Mike avoids a general, philosophical approach. Rather he aims to be intensely practical, providing proven, actionable, "how-to" information to individuals and organizations that need to optimize their continuous improvement results in order to reach their full growth and earning potentials.

Kaizen knowledge and implementation skills

The majority of Mike's workshop is carried out in the factory. Most of his kaizen event knowledge and implementation "know-how" transfer is done at employees' work place. Class room training is limited to gaining a project commitment, team dynamics and workshop exercises.

 What Does All This Cost?

Much less than you would imagine. In fact, we make your "Kaizen Training Workshop" affordable so that it can fit easily within your company's training budget. We want you and your company to learn how to get lean and/or leaner and the best way to do that is to make it affordable. 

What is the Cost?

Our typical Kaizen Team Training and Coaching Workshop budget would be for 40 onsite hours, with price held to a fixed fee of $12,000.00 (plus minimum traveling expense.) 

Do you want to:

1.  Become a better team member/leader/manager/executive?
2.  Focus your energy on the significant issues?
3.  Transform your work environment from drudgery to fun?
4.  Minimize your day-to-day stress level?
5.  Exceed your goals and expectations?
6.  Gain recognition, promotions, and salary increases?

Does your organization want to:

1.  Increase speed,  and eliminate non-value-added costs?
2.  Eliminate the high cost of overtime, scrap, and rework?
3.  Improve customer on-time delivery of high quality products?
4.  Gain control of inventories and optimize their turnover?
5.  Increase team contribution to the company's "bottom line?"

Does your company want to:

1.  Optimize strategic planning and execution results?
2.  Earn/maintain "Supplier of Choice" awards?
3.  Reach its full growth and earning potentials?

Our Guarantee Says It All

We are so sure that your Kaizen Training Workshop will satisfy your expectations, its performed entirely at our risk. If you're not pleased with the results of your investment, we will refund your fee. 

Kaizen Team Training Workshop: A Get Acquainted Meeting

Congratulations, if you have read this far, you are an excellent candidate for a Kaizen Training Workshop. A pre-event meeting is necessary to assure that there is mutual understanding and agreement about:

1. The structure and objective of your 5-day Workshop

2. The level of involvement and commitment required

3. Management members' roles, expectations and selection

4. Performance recognition and acknowledgement.

Our preference is to meet with the CEO and Operations executives at the factory site where the proposed Kaizen Team Training Workshop would take place. A morning "get acquainted" meeting and plant tour is usually sufficient to cover the above subjects and establish mutual understanding of the event's objectives and expectations. If agreement is reached and the event is approved, a time schedule is established.

If the factory site is in Southern California or the Mid-West, there is no charge for the meeting. If it is outside of both, we ask that potential clients budget for travel expenses. 

Don't miss out, our availability is limited...
take your action today!

To schedule your free get acquainted meeting, contact Bill Gaw at: 760-212-6048 or email him at: bg@bbasicsllc.com


The Ball is in Your Court

If you think this training will help your company but you're not in a position to make the final decision, may I suggest that you forward this Web page to the decision maker. He/she may thank you for your interest and initiative.

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Knowledge and implementation know-how you'll not find in the
books at Amazon.com, neither in YouTube videos,
nor in Google PowerPoint presentation.  

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