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Kaizen Blitz Training

Kaizen Blitz Training to help individuals and organizations
exceed goals and expectations and reach their full
growth and earning potentials.

Kaizen Blitz Training and implementation coaching that
helps companies increase speed, improve quality
and eliminate non-value-added activities
and related costs. 

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Lean Manufacturing Simulation Game

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Lean Manufacturing Knowledge Package

Performance Manage-
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Supply Chain Manage-ment Knowledge

Strategic Planning Knowledge Package

Manufacturing, Management
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Lean Manufacturing Certification Program

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Kaizen Event Training

Manufacturing Assessment and
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Lean Manufacturing PowerPoint

Lean Manufacturing PowerPoint-Plus Training Modules

Lean Six Sigma
Training Program

Lean Manufacturing

Organizations that are lean, agile, 
and quick to respond clearly have the edge."

                                                                  Price Pritchett

“Get competitive... there is no status quo for winners!” That's our mantra for individuals and companies that want to survive these turbulent times.  It may sound cruel but it is reality; either you find a way to continually increase speed, improve quality and reduce non-value-added cost or you may not survive during these turbulent times.

That said, we believe that to survive in competitive environments, com- panies need to focus/refocus on a continuous improvement initiative. A study of successful companies will invariably show that they have developed a culture of gradual, continuous improvement. Remember this, you're either winning or losing... there is no status quo!

Our Kaizen Blitz Training is an on-site, team coaching event that produces an immediate, effective, sustainable continuous improvement process. Its being used by leading companies to increase speed, improve quality, and reduce non-value-added costs. Profits generated drop directly to the bottom line.

The Kaizen Training Program
Facilitated by Enrique Mora

Unlike consultants, Enrique avoids a general, philosophical approach. Rather he aims to be intensely practical, providing proven, actionable, "how-to" information for individuals and organizations that need to master the Kaizen Blitz in order to reach their full growth and earning potentials.

Action-Learning: Featuring:

1. Kaizen blitz coaching and participative exercises:

2. "On-the-Job" Training – a "gemba" tour, project selection, problem solving, goal setting and results assessment... all aimed at the transfer of the continuous improvement skills required to plan and execute a successful kaizen blitz.

3. The Kaizen Blitz Training – putting the knowledge learned to work in the real world.


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The Kaizen Training Program

Knowledge and implementation know-how you'll not find in the
books at Amazon.com... neither in the APICS Library 
nor the Harvard Business School Press.  

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