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Who is Bill Gaw?
And, why should we listen to him?

Bill Gaw is the founder of Business Basics, LLC and a "been there, done that" lean business advocate. He is the developer of 7-lean management training packages and 8-training modules published to help individuals and companies realize their full growth and earning potentials.

He is a graduate of Milwaukee School of Engineering and has earned professional certifications from both the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and American Production and Inventory Society (APICS). As a prior Associate Professor at San Diego State University, he helped structure and successfully launch their Operations Management Program.

Bill Gawís lean management experience spans more than 35 years. During those years, Bill has held positions as a shop expeditor, business planner, buyer, manufacturing manager, vice president, president and lean-management consultant/educator. 

As a lean management business leader he has participated in four successful business turnarounds. In each case, he implemented lean management principles and techniques that brought sanity to the day-to-day operations, eliminated the stress of end-of-the-month scrambling and created a fun work environment.

Lean Management Track Record

At Solar Turbines, as an operations executive he helped grow the business from $50 to $500 million while turning losses into profits in the first year of a four-year period. Business systems upgrades and effective implementations were the key to profitable growth.

In Spain, at Pagaso, a Spanish truck company, his parts distribution team was instrumental in turning a huge annual loss into an annual profit - achieving the three-year turnaround objective. Bill designed, developed, and implemented effective Lean Six Sigma management techniques based on kaizen and just-in-time logistic methodologies.

When Eaton Leonard Technology faced bankruptcy, they turned to Bill Gaw. Bill and his operation teams helped achieve profitability in the first year of reorganization. Continuous improvement and motivational performance management provided the driving force for a timely, profitable turnaround. 

Palomar Systems wanted greater profit margins and increased sales. Within only four years, Billís teams increased product profit margin from 32% to 55% while growing the company from $17 to a whopping $250 million. This was a classic example of the benefits gained through implementation of Lean Six Sigma principles and techniques, the balanced scorecards and self-directed, team dynamics.

Bill's Lean Management Training Lab

Using business experiences as a learning lab, Bill methodically researched and tested business ideas, practices, processes and systems relative to how they contributed to bottom line improvement. 

Bill was able to isolate lean management principles and techniques that are crucial to establishing a solid foundation for personal and company success. Through these experiences, he identified relevant Lean Six Sigma best practices and documented how to execute them for maximum growth and profits.

Lean Management Training: Sharing the Knowledge

In order to share this powerful knowledge with the broadest possible audience, Mr. Gaw began to write, teach and coach on the effective implementation and optimization of his lean management best practices. 

His efforts culminated in the development and publishing of 7-PowerPoint Plus, Training Packages and 8-Training Modules. Training options that provide practical e-learning for anyone ... anywhere ... anytime and can be used for in-house training for everyone. 

Now you and your company can benefit from Billís business knowledge and  experiences. The bottom line is this. If your career and your company's bottom line are important, you will benefit from Bill Gawís lean management  and coaching. Bill has helped hundreds of individuals and companies fulfill their vision and meet their goals. Now, itís your turn.

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