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Balanced Scorecard Solution  

                           1. Balanced Scorecard
                           2. Bring Talent to the Team 
                           3. Mind-map for Creative and Organized Solutions
                           4. Reading Our Way to Positive Ideas
                           5. Business Anecdotes and Famous Quotations

ERP Implementation

                           1. Fast-Cycle Capability for Competitive Power
                           2.Make Success Measurable with SMART 
                           3.Quick Change Artist
                           4. High Impact Consulting
                           5. Best Manufacturing Practices

Lean Training 

                           1. Information Integrity
                           2. How to Think Simply and With Common Sense
                           3. Best Manufacturing Practices
                           4. The Challenges of Change
                           5. Business Anecdotes and Famous Quotations

Production Control Solutions

                           1.  Letter from our President
                           2. Production Linearity
                           3. Make Sure You Make a Difference
                           4. Management by Walking Around
                           5. The 80/20 Principle
                           6. Business Anecdotes and Famous Quotations

Lean Production System

                            1. Letter from our President
                            2. Price Tracking
                            3. Sequential Production
                            4. Best Manufacturing Practices
                            5. Six Ways to Build a Top Staff
                            6. Best Manufacturing Practices

Logistics Operation

                           1. Point-of-Use Logistics
                           2. Price Tracking
                           3. Turn Diversity to the Team's Advantage
                           4. How to Get the Department Budget You Need
                           5. What They Are Saying

Logistics Solutions

                           1. Stop the Bleeding
                           2. Establishing Low Level Control
                           3. An Inventory Perspective
                           4. Kaizen Based Lean Manufacturing (KBLM)

Business Development Resources and Services

                           1.  Resource Planning
                           2. Best Manufacturing Practices 
                           3. Price Trends
                           4. Remembering Henny 

How to Write a Business Plan

                           1. Strategic Tactical Planning and Execution
                           2. Tips on Achieving 99.9 Percent Customer Satisfaction
                           3. Don't Let Travel Sabotage Your Exercise Routine
                           4. Managing Phone Tag
                           5. Best Manufacturing Practices

Customer Satisfaction Training

                            1. Customer Connectivity
                            2. Behave Like You're in Business for Yourself
                            3. To Get Results, Hit the Right Note
                            4. Pricing Trends
                            5. The Power of Focus

Lean Production System

                            1. How to Optimize Manufacturing's Profit Contribution
                            2. Best Manufacturing Practices
                            3. Using the Lessons of Failure to Boost Your Success
                            4. Pricing Trends
                            5. What They're Saying 

Small Business ERP

                            1. Another MRP/ERP Wake Up Call!
                            2. Stay In School
                            3. What To Do If You Lose Your Job
                            4. Pricing Trends
                            5. Samplings From Bits & Pieces

ERP Implementation

                            1. Maintaining Your Competitive Edge
                            2. Best Manufacturing Practices
                            3. Which Employees Will Work Through Change
                            4. Pricing Trends
                            5. 12 Questions That Matter

Just in Time Manufacturing

                            1. Never, Never Rest On Your Achievements 
                            2. Hold Yourself Accountable for Outcomes
                            3. Six Hard-and-Fast Rules for Negotiating
                            4. Pricing Trends
                            5. Making Teamwork Really Work

Lean Manufacturing Techniques

                            1. A Time to be Thankful 
                            2. Back Up Others Who Need Help
                            3. 3-Things to Remember as You Succeed in Corporate
                            4. Economic Trends
                            5. A Little Humor ... Please

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