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"We must constantly retool ourselves, become
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   Price Pritchett 

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Your Working Environment?

*  Can execution of your company's strategic plan be improved?

*  Can your company's product deliverability and quality be improved?

*  Can your company's workplace environment and moral be improved?

*  Can your company's continuous improvement program be improved?

*  Do you have too much on your plate and no time for problem solving?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you're in a company that's providing you with an opportunity to reach your full growth and earning potentials.

Your Dream?

If you're like most, you want to reach your full growth and earning potentials. You'd like to be able to spend more time with family and friends, have a nice house and drive a nice car. You want to be able to retire in comfort and not have to worry about outliving your savings.

Your Challenge

If you find yourself with too much on your plate, faced with process obstacles and cultural road blocks, stuck on the career ladder, and a long way from reaching your full growth and earning potential, I can feel your pain! I've been there.

So the challenge is:
How do you change your day-to-day, reactive work environment to a proactive, continuous improvement, work environ-ment?

Your Answer

So, if you have too much on your plate, face process obstacles, and cultural roadblocks that make proactive problem solving seem impossible and fire-fighting is the best you can do... I'm here to assure you that there are solutions for those situations.

The answer is simple: By becoming a proactive problem solving champion.

"Been There, Done That"

Early in my career as a bench tech and later a production supervisor, I was trained and mentored on becoming a proactive problem solver. My career success http://bbasicsllc.com/billgaw.htm  was made possible by mastering  proactive problem solving knowledge and skills and then transferring to team members.

The "Finger-Pointers?"

Yes, they'll always be the "finger-pointers" that enjoy being a critic of problem solutions and many will create objections and roadblocks. Ignore them. With proactive problem solving knowledge and skills they are made ineffective and silenced forever.

The Bill Gaw, Proactive,
Problem Solving, Champion Program

Objective: Provide cost-effective, self-paced e-learning for anyone...
                  anywhere... anytime.

Purpose:  Make available proactive problem solving  knowledge and
without the high cost of seminars, time away from
                  job and expensive on-site consultants/coaches.

Benefits:  You'll be hitting the ground running on your way to reaching your full
                 growth and earning potentials by:

     *  Streamlining and optimizing business processes 
     *  Increasing speed, improving quality and reducing costs
     *  Transforming stressful work into fun again
     *  Gaining recognition as a "make-it-happen" leader
     *  Increasing your value with compensation equality.

Recent Clients' Feedback

I am very pleased that I discovered your website so I could take advantage of the program.  I was looking for something that provided practical information that I could use immediately and your program is exactly what I was looking for.  

Your experience in implementing a CI culture obviously shows as the material contains many examples of how each tool was applied.  I am very impressed with the breadth of your experiences across a company, from the executive’s office to the shop floor. 

Your commentary and "lessons learned" throughout the program was very helpful and I am looking forward to keeping in touch and taking advantage of your offer to assist me at any time. Thank you very much.

V. A. Ames, Project Manager, Sematech


Thank you so very much for everything, I can't believe that this is over. I enjoyed immensely all the material and I will always apply in my work all that I learned from you.  I can't wait to add this to my resume.

I can't tell you enough times how much I enjoyed the whole program, and mostly I can't believe how much I learned.  Taking this program was one of the smartest decisions I ever made and I thank you for putting out the offer.

Lucia Sabou, Production Leader


"Your training modules are the easiest and fastest way to understand the practicalities of business processes that I have seen in many years of management consulting activity. I intend to use your problem solving teachings in my practice, if you are agreeable, since I am now extending into new consulting areas."

    Luis Nascimento, DMA Consultores, Porto, Portugal


What Does It Cost?

Much less than you would imagine. In fact, I make the program affordable so that it can easily fit within your personal or your company's training budget. I want you to hear what I have to say about proactive problem solving and the best way to do that is to make it affordable.

Here's what's included in the program:

e-Tutorial  No. 1: Performance Management (PDF) Financial numbers may tell us we’re winning the war, but it takes a balanced/  performance scorecard to focus our energy and efforts to win each of the battles along the way. Remember, without data you're just another opinion.  (Price: $67.00)

e-Tutorial  No. 2: Value Stream Mapping (PDF)  Analysis of the processes which the maps represent can help you increase customer satisfaction by identifying actions to reduce process cycle time, decrease defects, reduce costs, establish customer-driven process performance measures, reduce non-value-added steps, and increase productivity are a few.  (Price: $67.00)

e-Tutorial  No. 3: Continuous Improvement (PDF) Price Pritchett puts it this way, “Without Kaizen, you and your employer will gradually lose ground. Eventually, you’ll be “out of business,” because the competition never stands still. (This module Includes my 5-steps on how to establish and optimize Kaizen Events in difficult working environments.)  (Price: $67.00)

e-Tutorial No. 4: Thinking Outside-the-Box Principles (PDF) Creative thinking skills are required by everybody. Each and everyone needs to continuously challenge and expand their ways of thinking to enhance personal and business success. Proactive problem solving is the route to profits and  thinking outside-the-box is the route to growth.   (Price: $67.00)

Price $268.00 ...  discounted 44% for
a Special  Price of only: $149.00

and downloaded to your computer within 24 hours

A Value-Added, e-Learning Experience For Only:

(Or four payments of $38.00)

That's a $119.00 discount and thousands of dollars less than attending relevant seminars/Webinars. And with my note page commentary and "lessons learned" it's like attending a seminar in person ... having me guide you personally through the tools, techniques and processes of your proactive problem solving champion program.

My Guarantee Says It All

Believe this, I will never consider your purchase binding until you have reviewed all the material and put it into practice. I know that you, like my other customers, will be thrilled with the results. In fact, I am so convinced that this program will work for you that if you aren't completely satisfied for any reason at any time, I'll immediately refund your purchase price.  You simply can't lose.

How to order

Place your order via our secure order form. You'll receive confirmation by return email and your , Proactive Problem Solving Champion Program and bonuses via download at your desk within 24 hours.

Proactive Problem Solving Champion Program
Special Discount Price: $149.00

"Your employer may help out with this, but ultimately 
the responsibility for self-improvement is yours."


  Price Pritchett

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