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December 20, 2004

Hi [Firstname],

Last week I wrote to you about what I consider a 
very important quality change initiative plus the 
opportunity to purchase our relevant e-Tutorial, 
“Self-directed ISO 9000:2000 Compliance.”

A number of you wanted to know why I didn’t offer a 
special discount to MB&BP subscribers as I have done 
in the past.

Since only three subscribers purchased the e-Tutorial 
at the Web site visitor’s price, I have concluded that 
some of my bulletin subscribers were waiting for their 
special offer. (If you were one of the subscribers 
that purchased the e-Tutorial at the Web site 
visitor’s price, you will be receiving a refund of 



If your company is interested in becoming ISO 9000:2000 
compliant, a good approach would be to consider my 
e-Tutorial, “Self-directed ISO 9000:2000 Compliance.”

Our Web site Visitor’s Special for this tutorial is 
$397... that’s $100 below our retail price. During 
this week only, MB&BP Subscribers can purchase their 
tutorial at a 25% discount from the Web site visitor’s
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You can check it out at:


Do it today because the offer ends: Friday 12-24-2004
and after this week you won’t see this special again 
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Now serving 7011 subscribers

Competitive Knowledge for Manufacturing People 


Cost reduction... productivity improvement... customer 
retention... these are the benefits of ISO 9000:2000 
compliance. Certification is only a certificate on the 

Today, most customers do not demand ISO 9000 
certification but most indirectly require ISO 9000 
compliance. And, while most companies wish to obtain 
the numerous benefits of implementing an ISO 9000 
modeled Quality Management System, many cannot budget 
the expenses of the registration/certification process. 
This situation need not and should not stop companies 
from becoming ISO 9000:2000 compliant. 

Remember, companies who comply with ISO standards slash 
costs, improve efficiencies and increase profit margins 
as well as revenues.

Customers benefit when companies comply with ISO 9000 
standards. Customers can count on these companies to be 
sensitive to their needs and exceed their expectations.

Employees benefit when companies comply with ISO 9000
standards because they know exactly what is expected of 
them in doing their job. The benefit in increased 
communications alone boosts employee morale and causes 
workers to become more productive. And, employees that 
take a lead role in implementing ISO 9000:2000 gain 
recognition and relevant rewards.

Management benefits from compliance because their 
processes become streamlined and they can spend less 
time "putting out fires" and more time planning and 
implementing best practices.

Companies of all sizes realize how vital it is for them 
to comply with ISO standards, yet they need an ally who 
has "been there and done that" to help them control the 
costs. For many years Business Basics has been that 
ally, helping companies reduce costs, improve profits 
and achieve total customer satisfaction.

Your e-tutorial will help you and your company:

* Develop and implement an ISO 9000 quality 
management system. 
* Eliminate quality control confusion and problem 
* Achieve a "win-win" company-employee e-learning 
* Reemphasize its focus and commitment to its 
* Earn and maintain "Supplier-of-choice" status
* Reach your full growth and earnings potential
* Exceed bottom line expectations

Your e-tutorial comes on CD capable of producing ISO 
9000:2000 e-learning for anyone... anywhere... anytime. 
It contains powerful, real-world experiences presented 
via 171 professional reproducible PowerPoint® colored 
slides. These slides are made even more powerful with 
my expert "been there, done that" explanations and 
lessons learned. It is by far the best, total quality 
management, training aid you can give your business 
teams. A "train-the-trainer" hard copy of the tutorial 
is included.

Who Needs It?

If your company is preparing to implement or is in the 
process of implementing a quality management system, 
this is a must-have e-tutorial. The e-tutorial uncovers 
proven, effective tools and techniques that could boost 
relevant ISO 9000 planning and implementation efforts 
to a higher level than you ever thought possible. 

If your goal is to earn and maintain "supplier-of-
choice" status by becoming ISO 9000:2000 compliant, 
consider this e-tutorial an answer to your prayers. 
For additional information and to take advantage of 
your special 25% discount, go to:


Companies who have used our ISO 9000 e-Tutorial have 
experienced these benefits:

* Fewer customer complaints.
* Improved speed, quality and profits.
* Many gained and retained "supplier of choice" 
* Frustrations over quality perception vs. reality 
* They "bullet-proofed" their quality gains.
* Many received quality recognition and rewards.
* Internal quality "finger pointing" vanished.

IMPORTANT: These improvements have led to a huge 
increase in customer satisfaction even among customers 
who rated themselves as "satisfied" or "well satisfied."

While customers might not DEMAND ISO certification, they 
do EXPECT the results of such certification. 

If you could double, or even triple, your customers' 
satisfaction with your company, what would it do to 
your bottom line? Your employee morale? Your ability 
to stave off your competition?

Don't you deserve to have these rewards too?

ISO Certification is ridiculously expensive. Our 
e-Tutorial makes the BENEFITS of ISO Certification 
affordable to all manufacturers NOW.

This is self-directed work. It fits your budget. It fits 
your schedule. 

Our clients all agree that reviewing our website and 
learning more about our products was a wise investment 
of their valuable time. I hope you agree and look 
forward to seeing you at:


Have a nice day, keep the faith, and stay connected.

We wish you and your family a happy holiday season.

Bill Gaw

P.S. My wife and I are off for a Panama Canal Cruise 
for the holidays, will be back with you on January 10, 


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