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July 23, 2008 

Hi MBBP Subscribers, 

One of our MBBP Subscribers has requested that I add a new story to my once a month Take-a-Break routine.

Timing couldn't have been better as over the holiday, I came across a story that merits replacing one of my top 12.

The new story appears below.

Have a nice day, and stay connected.


Bill Gaw

Business Basics, LLC
6003 Dassia Way
Oceanside, CA 92056

A Marine Recruit’s Letter to Ma an’ Pa

The following is a letter from a farm kid at Marine boot camp training on Parris Island:

Dear Ma an' Pa,

This joinin' the Marines is the best dern thing I ever done. Tell Vernon and Buford they'd better hurry an' join up befer all the places is filled.

I can sleep in 'til 6 a.m. and all ya do when ya git up is smooth out yer cot an' shine a couple things...no cows ta milk, chickens ta feed, no hogs ta slop, or wood ta split...Nothin! Well, men gotta shave, but heck, thar's warm water.

Breakfast is with all the trimmins: juices, aggs, bacon, and cereal, ifn's ya want. They's a little light on steak, ham, tater's, an' grits. They's two city boys who seem ta live on coffee, so's I git their food lots a times. That keeps me 'til noon when they feed ya agin.

We go on what the Sergeant calls "route" marches...haint no further than to our mail box, but the city boys get sore feet an' we all ride back in trucks.

Vernon an' Buford u'll git a kick otta this'n. They've done give me a heapa medals fer shootin' at a bulls-eye that's big as a chipmunk's head...and it don't move none. And, it don't shoot back attcha like the Glayton's do thar at home.

We practice that thar hand-ta-hand combat fightin.' Ya git to wrestle with them city boys. Ya got's ta be real careful though cause they break easy. Shucks, after fightin' that ol' bull at home, this ain't nothing! Fact tis, I'm 'bout the best they got, exceptins for old "Tank" Hawkins from over in Zeller's holler. He joined same time I done. But I'm only 5' 6" an' 130 Ibs. He's 6' 5" an weighs near 250 dry!

Be sure an' tell Vernon an' Buford ta hurry on now befer others find out 'bout this here deal an' come a stampedin' in here. Your lovin' daughter, Mabelene

Continuous Improvement Training Program

If you and your company need help in increasing speed, improving quality, eliminating non-value-added cost, and creating a fun work environment, may I suggest my Continuous Improvement Training Program. As a MBBP subscriber you can purchase this training program at a 38% discount. To review the details, take 5-minutes and simply click on the below link

Continuous Improvement Training Program

"ShowTime!" The Manufacturing Simulation Game
MRP vs. Lean Simulation Exercises

ShowTime, the manufacturing simulation game, demonstrates the benefits of pull manufacturing and manufacturing cells (lean Manufacturing) versus push/batch manufacturing. The game compares batch or push manufacturing techniques (traditional manufacturing) to one piece pull manufacturing using sequential production. It shows how quality and productivity improve while reducing WIP inventory, scrap, rework, and floor space required. The game has been designed for 6-8 participants with unlimited observers. It is based upon each participant taking an active role in running a mini-production line where ‘real’ products are manufactured.

Manufacturing Simulation Game

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