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October 15, 2007  

Hi MBBP Subscribers,  

Frustrated with day-to-day stress? Here's what you may need! 

Competitive lean manufacturing knowledge to help you and your company realize your full growth and earning potentials. Competitive knowledge that you'll not find in the books of Amazon.com... neither in the APICS Library...  nor in the Harvard Business School Press. 

Do you want to optimize personal and company success? If so... you need to identify and master the basics of Lean manufacturing. Many historic, recurring day-to-day problems, (perhaps the same problems that plague your operation) can be permanently eliminated by a tenacious execution of my Lean Manufacturing Basics. 

The "Lean Enterprise" should not be considered a passing fad. Lean manufacturing methodology is separating the manufacturing winners from the also ran. And, if a company wants to stay competitive in the manufacturing business, it must get lean and then get leaner.  

That said, I have decided to take my 1-Day Seminar, "The 8-Basics of Kaizen Based Lean Manufacturing™" on the road again: 

A 1-Day Bill Gaw Seminar

When:     November, 2007 

Where:    TBD 

Details:   Start Time; 08:30 AM
               Continental Breakfast Provided 
                Lunch is on your own  

If your manufacturing team is in the process of implementing MRP, ERP, or lean manufacturing this is a must-attend seminar. This seminar will boost their development and implementation efforts to a higher level than you ever thought possible. 

At this lean manufacturing seminar you will discover why and how manufacturing leaders are identifying and mastering my lean manufacturing basics and best practices that produce "bullet-proof" manufacturing solutions and drive growth and profits beyond everyone's expectations. And, best of all the day-to-day struggle becomes fun again. 


  • Are you tired of shop floor chaos cause by MRP or   ERP?

  • Do you want to eliminate costly end-of-the-month scrambling?

  • Do you want to create a fun working environment?

  • Do you want to eliminate part shortages?

  • Does your company want to increase speed, improve quality while reducing operating costs?

  • Is customer satisfaction a must in your business?

  • Do you desire to earn well deserved recognition and rewards?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you no doubt will find value in attending this lean manufacturing seminar.  


If you are in search of a better way to run your business, you will be at the right place at the right time. At this seminar-workshop, you will discover my 8-BASICS of Kaizen Based Lean Manufacturing. 8-basics to achieving MRP, ERP, and lean manufacturing success... 8-BASICS to proactive solutions that eliminate shop floor chaos and end-of-the-month scrambling... 8-BASICS that increases speed, improves quality and reduces operating costs.  

There is no other training seminar out there that comes close to touching the proven techniques that my methodology provides. If your company is like many others out there... a company with an achievable vision, workable systems, and good people... yet it has failed to achieve its full growth and profit potentials; Kaizen Based Lean Manufacturing™ is what your company needs. 


The information you'll receive during the course of this lean manufacturing seminar won't be found anyplace else. Not in the books at Amazon.com. Neither in APICS "Back to Basics" training programs, nor in the library of the Harvard Business Press. If you want to learn what I have to say about lean manufacturing, come and spend a day with me. 

For details of this powerful seminar, go to:


Have a nice day, and stay connected. 

Bill Gaw 

P.S. If you can’t get away for a seminar, please take        advantage of our MBBP Subscribers 51% discount offer on the purchase of my Lean Manufacturing        Training package, including my e-Tutorial,  “Kaizen Based Lean Manufacturing™” You can check it out at: 


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Amazon.com... neither in the APICS Library 
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