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Competitive Knowledge for Manufacturing People 

March 16, 2006

Hi [[firstname]], 

Last week I wrote to you with what I consider to be 
a very good opportunity to purchase my World Class 
Manufacturing Certificate Program at a substantial 
discount. (Based on your feedback, I have re-titled 
the program: "The Kaizen Based Lean Manufacturing" 
(KLBM), (Certification Program.) 

A number of you took up the original offer and have 
already completed the first module, others optioned 
for the cost-effective training modules... I thank 
you for your business and applaud your wise decisions.

It has become apparent that due to time pressures and 
other circumstances, some of you will not meet the 
March 17th deadline. I'm writing today to extend 
the special 30% discount to the end of March. This 
way, everyone has a chance to participate and save. 

If you took a good look and feel that this program is 
not for you, I respect your decision and appreciate 
your time. 

If you didn't have time to discover how the Kaizen 
Based Lean Manufacturing Certification Program can 
help you and your company reach your full growth and 
earning potentials, please visit our web page below 
to learn more about the special MBBP subscriber's 


When you visit, you will see that this Kaizen Based 
Lean Manufacturing Certification Program can help you 
and your company:

* Convert finger pointers into problem solvers 
* Transform work environments from drudgery to fun
* Minimize day-to-day manufacturing stress levels
* Master the basics of lean manufacturing 
* Gain well deserved recognition and rewards
* Optimize the execution of computerized systems
* Improve speed, quality, and on-time deliveries
* Reduce scrap/rework costs and improve profitability
* Reach your full growth and earnings potential
* Earn the KBLM Certificate of Accomplishment 
(CEU status pending)

The fact is, continuous education presents a win-win 
situation for both the individual and their company. 
Going forward, manufacturers that train and re-train 
their people will be the winners. Don't get left behind. 
Take time before the end of March to determine if the
Kaizen Based Lean Manufacturing Certification Program 
is right for you... all it takes is ONE CLICK and FIVE 
MINUTES of your time. 


I wish you the best of success.


Bill Gaw

P.S. If you're not interested in the certification 
process, you should still check out the program on an 
individual training module basis. There are 7-cost-
effective modules from which to choose; just scroll 
to the bottom of the web page at:




The World Class Manufacturing Certificate Program

Manufacturing leaders have a responsibility to 
educate and train their people. Individuals have a 
responsibility to train themselves. Without 
continuous learning, you will never reach your full 
growth and earning potential.

To provide you with a cost-effective training option 
with personal recognition, I developed the "World
Class Manufacturing Certificate Program." 


Provide cost-effective, self-paced world class 
manufacturing training for anyone... anywhere... 
anytime; eliminating the high cost of seminars, 
travel expenses, and time away from the job.


Provide world class manufacturing knowledge in a 
structured program that offers individual recognition 
with Certificate of Achievement. (CEU status pending)


Competitive knowledge to help you and your company:

* Increase speed, improve quality, and reduce costs 
* Optimize supply chain management 
* Reduce the stress caused by missed schedules 
* Eliminate the high cost of scrap, rework, and end-
of-the-month crunch 
* Stabilize material requirement planning 
* Transform visions into reality 
* Reach your full growth and earning potentials 
* Transform work into fun again 
* Certificate of Achievement (CEU status pending).


7-World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Training Modules:

* Lean Manufacturing 
* Performance Management (Balanced Scorecard) 
* Kaizen Management 
* Value Stream Mapping 
* ISO 9000:2000 
* Supply Chain Management 
* Strategic Planning and Tactical Execution 
* and the World Class Manufacturing Certificate 
of Achievement for successful completion.

Each of the above modules can be reviewed in detail 
when you visit the web page identified below.


1. Place your order for WCM Certificate Program. 
2. Receive your first WCM Training Module via download. 
3. Study training module at your place... at your pace. 
4. Technical support is available via email. 
5. Write and email to Bill Gaw a 500 word white paper 
on lessons learned. 
6. Bill Gaw reviews and approves all white papers. If 
rewrite is required, guidance and suggestions are 
provided by Bill Gaw. 
7. The next training module is sent upon approval of 
prior training module white paper acceptance. 
8. Repeat steps 3 through 7 until final training module 
white paper is accepted. 
9. Awarded a World Class Manufacturing Certificate of 
Achievement upon completion of all 7-WCM Training 
10. CEU status pending. 

Program is monitored and facilitated by yours truly. 

Take five minute now and check it out at:



You can enroll for the complete program or enroll one 
module at a time... discount is valid either way.


You are welcomed to print and share this bulletin with 
your manufacturing teams, peers and upper management ... 
better yet, have them signup for their own copy at:



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Lean Manufacturing - Balanced Scorecard 
ISO 9000:2000 - Strategic Planning - Supply Chain 
Management - MRP Vs Lean Exercises - Kaizen Blitz 
Lean Six Sigma - Value Stream Mapping

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 Manufacturing Cost Reduction for Winners


Manufacturing leaders have a responsibility to educate and train their team members. Help for developing a self-directed, World Class Manufacturing training program for your people is just a click away:


You are welcomed to print and share this bulletin with your manufacturing teams, peers, suppliers and upper management ... better yet, have them signup for their own copy at:


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Manufacturing Knowledge you’ll not find at offsite 
seminars nor in the books at Amazon.com

Lean Manufacturing - Balanced Scorecard 
ISO 9000:2000 - Strategic Planning - Supply Chain 
Management - MRP Vs Lean Exercises - Kaizen Blitz 
Lean Six Sigma - Value Stream Mapping

All at one Website: Good Manufacturing Practices


 Manufacturing Cost Reduction for Winners

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