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January 16, 2006

Hi [[firstname]],

How do we overcome people resistance to change? 

Today's article is about what companies need to do when 
they encounter people resistance to change initiative 
implementation. It's a proven approach to making people 
problems disappear and thereby eliminating the need to 
"change the players."

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Have a nice day, and stay connected.

Bill Gaw

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Competitive Knowledge for Manufacturing People 

"Goals, Roles, Rules, and People."

There is little doubt in the minds of most people that 
individual achievement, while important to overall 
company performance, is no guarantee of success. 
Therefore it came as no surprise when I heard the 
results of a Harvard Business School study that 
concluded: when business management concentrates on 
the replacement of people as their main thrust in 
problem solving; problems tend to become unsolvable.

This study went on to say that trying to solve complex 
business problems by "changing the players" was a 
common characteristic of poor performing companies.

There are four basic elements in company performance: 

GOALS - This is the company game plan that will
define the level of achievement required
by the team to assure a predetermined 
level of business success.

ROLES - A definition of the jobs to be done and who 
has the accountability and authority to execute.

RULES - The policies, procedures and processes that form
the basis of consistent action and performance
PEOPLE - The players that make up the team; a company's 
most valuable asset.

The study concluded that companies that attacked these 
elements from the bottom up were losers, while companies 
that prioritized its problem solving from the top down 
were the winners.

It's literally amazing that when a company establishes 
its GOALS, defines the ROLES, and documents the RULES; 
PEOPLE problems disappear and the need to "change the 
players" seldom materializes.



Manufacturing leaders have a responsibility to 
educate and train their team members. Individuals 
have a responsibility to train themselves. Without
continuous learning, you will never reach your full 
growth and earning potential.

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