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Today, let's focus on the "End-of-the-Month Scramble." 

In 1973, I started a new job as shop operations 
manager at a large OEM manufacturer. My new boss was 
concerned about non-linear production that was driving 
high non-value-added costs and poor on-time delivery 
performance. I was brought into the company to help 
solve what he called the "hockey stick" problem... 
shipping most products at the end of the month. 

I had recently participated in a successful Class A, 
MRP implementation, so, when my boss suggested that I 
install a magnetic schedule board to track DAILY 
production progress;- I said, "no, hell no!"

My boss, a good leader and an effective salesman, 
convinced me to install the board and initiate a 
morning production status review meeting. 

Six months later the magnetic board, that I was sure 
would be a failure, became the primary tool in our 
efforts to eliminate this company's hockey stick 
syndrome and we eventually achieved high production 
linearity. Results: We eliminated overtime, reduced 
scrap and rework, improved quality, eliminated late 
shipment and most important helped our company 
exceed all growth and profit expectations.

Today, the magnetic board has been replaced by the 
PC spread sheet but the daily meeting and tenacious 
follow up on early monthly tasks is still your best 
bet for achieving linear production.

If your company is struggling with the end-of-the-month 
scramble, it is vulnerable to loosing customers and 
giving up 10-20 points of its profit margin. 

If this be your case, don't pass up reading this 
week's article, "If You're Not Linear, You're Not 
Really Lean!"

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Companies will never achieve their full growth and 
profit potential if they produce more than 25% of 
their monthly shipment plan in the last week of the 
month or more than 33% of their quarterly shipment 
plan in the last month of the quarter." 

Is your company experiencing high non-value-added 
costs and customer complaints due to the end-of-the-
month scramble? 

As companies struggle to remain competitive, one of 
the strategies by which gains in speed, quality and 
costs can be achieved is to pursue and achieve a 
linear production process. 

Why is linear production so important? It's simple; 
"It's where the money's at!" Scrap, rework, overtime 
and poor quality are all non-value-added costs that 
increase as a function of the famous end-of-the-month 
syndrome. That is, as we delay our production schedule 
completions toward the end of the month (or worse, 
toward the end of the financial quarter), there is a 
tremendous pressure put on manufacturing. 

This pressure produces shop floor challenges that 
generate significant non-value-added costs. We usually 
end up making the production plan and financial 
forecast because the knights in shining armor come 
through with a last minute, heroic performance. 

BUT AT WHAT COST? Some companies actually give up 
10-20 points of their potential gross profit margin 
because they have developed a manufacturing team that 
functions well within the end-of-the-month syndrome... 
and they unknowing perpetuate the syndrome by rewarding 
their knight in shining armor.

Is your production linearity and bottom line results 
limited by:

* Poor forecasting and production planning 
* Inaccurate and late data/documentation 
* Last minute schedule changes 
* Inside of lead time orders 
* Production/quality problem "finger-pointing" 
* Shop floor non-value-added fire-fighting 
* Untimely material availability 
* Non-value-added scrap and rework 

If you answered "YES" to any of the above constraints, 
you no doubt are experiencing the eternal, end-of-the-
month scramble. In my experience, it is the major 
contributor to a company's non-value-added costs and 
is the primary cause of lost customers.

If you've ever said, "There must be a better way"... 
there is, and it's not more computerization!
Believe this... you'll never optimize ISO 9000, Lean 
Manufacturing and Six Sigma results if you don't 
eliminate the end-of-the-month syndrome. Your first 
priority and focus must be on production linearity. 

* How linear is your order fulfillment system? 
* Which processes are driving it? 
* Where is it on your company's "must do" list 
* Does everyone know what tasks must be completed
in week #1? 
* Is there as much focus on completing the tasks 
of week #1 as week #4? 


Company's need to step back from the stress of day-to-
day events and take a hard look at reality. Most 
managers and their teams have far too much on their 
plate... and more is being added. They have little to 
no time to stand back and survey their situation let 
alone come up with a proactive linearity plan.

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Don't let the end-of-the-month scramble create an 
unhealthy, stressful, working environment for you 
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