Hi [[firstname]],

"Get competitive... there is no status quo for winners!" That's
our mantra for individuals and companies that want to survive
these turbulent times. It may sound cruel but it's reality;
either you find a way to continually increase speed, improve
quality and reduce non-value-added cost or you may not survive
during these turbulent times.

That said, we believe that to survive in competitive environments,
companies need to focus/refocus on a continuous improvement
initiative. A study of successful companies will invariably show
that they have developed a culture of gradual, continuous improve-
ment. Remember this, you're either winning or losing... there is
no status quo!

To assist individuals and companies in their pursuit of growth
and earnings, Enrique Mora (Papa Kaizen) and I offer our service
in the form of a Kaizen Blitz Event. It is an in-house project
that consists of kaizen team training and implementation coaching.
This event produces an immediate, effective, sustainable contin-
uous improvement process.

What does all this cost? Nothing! Yes you read that right...
nothing. There is no upfront fee and clients are at liberty to
cancel the upfront training sessions for any reason at any time
and there will be no fee.

We make your Kaizen Blitz Event pay for itself. We want you and
your company to learn how to get lean and/or leaner and the best
way to do that is to base our fee on the savings directly generat-
ed by our training and coaching. All of the event's kaizen projects
are reviewed and approved by the client's cost accountant.

For complete details and answers to your questions about this
unique opportunity, simply click on the below link:


Have a nice day and stay connected.

Bill Gaw

P.S. Approving such a program will normally require CEO/President
approval, why not forward this email to him or her. He/she
may thank you for your concern and action.

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