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Manufacturing Simulation Game

Action-Learning Featuring:

  • Detailed instructions that describe how each exercise is set up and carried out. Also instructions on what non-participants should be watching and recording for the "after game forum."

  • Hands-on participation by teams that will setup  MRP and lean  production factory simulations for comparing the effectiveness of two distinct production methodologies:

Game Process Synopsis 

  • Active participation for 6 to 12 people with sideline observation note taking by up to 20 observers.

  • Team builds 20 Lego Towers of two configurations, 6 MRP subassemblies... from 320 LEGO Bricks.

  • MRP (Push) simulation includes stockroom, shop order picking and subassembly production. Time to complete: 15-45 minutes depending on team skill level.

  • Lean manufacturing simulation sets up a "one- piece" flow production line using JIT and kanbans. Time to complete: 5-10 minutes depending on team skill level.

  • A post-forum review initiates a discussion of the pros and cons of each methodology.


  • The Manufacturing Simulation Game will clearly demonstrate the complexity of shop floor control under a standard MRP/ERP (Push) production system. The opening of shop orders, picking of parts, building of assemblies and the final product production process are carried out in real-time.

  • The Manufacturing Simulation Game is a demonstration of how sequential production and point-of-use logistics can turn a marginally successful product line into a huge winners.

  • Cycle Time Management is demonstrated and recorded, pros and cons of each methodology recorded and post exercise forum drive home the lean manufacturing paradigm. 

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Bill Gaw

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