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A primary reason why most manufacturing transformation fail to meet expectations is lack of effective training and management development. It's not an "add water and stir" business process. You can't just decide one day to optimize manufacturing performance and think it will happen overnight. You need to determine what constraints are impeding your ability to increase speed, improve quality, and eliminate non-value-added activities. And, then you need to identify and master the 10-Basics of Back-to-Basics Manufacturing. for identifying and eliminating their root causes. That takes Business Basics training and management development.

3-Reasons Why Lean Manufacturing and Operation Excellence Transformations Fail to Meet Expectations

Reason No. 1: is lack of company-wide understanding, commitment and participation for a company's manufacturing transformation program.

Challenge: You need a program introduction that effectively communicates the reason for the change, the commitment required, and the need for company-wide participation.

Solution: Click here---> Manufacturing Simulation Game-Plus

Reason No. 2: is lack of "been there, done that" Back-to-Basics manufacturing training materials.

Challenge:  Even with the best manufacturing transformation planning, successful implementation will be evasive if there's not a genuine commitment to team training and empowerment. Companies must  deliver best-in-class manufacturing knowledge and implementation skills proven to be effective in successful manufacturing transformations.

Solution: Click here-->Back-to-Basics Manufacturing, Mini-Course e-Library  

Or here--> Back-to-Basics Manufacturing, Do-it-Yourself, Team Training


Reason No. 3: is lack of effective manufacturing leadership.

Challenge:  ĒDonít train leaders, coach them, mentor them, disciple them, and develop them, but please donít attempt to train them.Ē ( Mike Myatt)

Solution: Click here--->Certified Back-to-Basics Manufacturing Champion, e- Coaching Program

This program is not just a presentation of manufacturing principles and tools by academia to be memorized in order to pass a certification exam. It's a management development, e-coaching program facilitated by Bill Gaw, a proven, Best-In-Class manufacturing professional. Bill's objective is to transform mangers into Back-to-Basics Manufacturing leaders and help them and their company reach their full growth and earning potentials.

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