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Who is Bill Gaw?

And, why should we
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A Special Offer for Bill Gaw Followers

Certified Lean Manufacturing Champion (CLMC)
A Management Development Program
with e-Coaching by Bill Gaw

This program is not just a presentation of LEAN principles and techniques by academia to be memorized in order to pass a black-belt certification exam.  It's a true  learning adventure e-coached by a "been there, done that" Lean manufacturing professional with a passion for helping leaders and companies reach their full growth and earning potentials.




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Management Development

Below are not my words… they’re the words of Mike Myatt in an article published in Forbes.com. Mike is recognized by Thinkers50 as one of the preeminent management thinkers globally, he is a management advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs and Boards and a Senior Fellow at the Gordian Institute. He is widely regarded as America's Top CEO Coach.

      ”Most management development programs don’t even come
       close to accomplishing what they were designed to do –
       build better leaders.”  

      ”While training is often accepted as productive, it rarely is.
       The terms training and development have somehow become
       synonymous when they are clearly not.” 

      ”Don’t train leaders, coach them, mentor them, disciple
        them, and develop them, but please don’t attempt to
        train them.”  

      ”Training is something leaders dread and will try to avoid,
       whereas they will embrace and look forward to development.
       Development is nuanced, contextual, collaborative, fluid, and
       above all else, actionable.”

Such writings inspired me to develop a management development program with one-on-one e-Coaching that marries Mr. Myatt's management development philosophy with my Lean manufacturing knowledge and  "make-it-happen" skills. The result was the creation of the:

Certified Lean Manufacturing Champion (CLMC)
A Bill Gaw Management Development Program

Objective: Provide professional, Lean manufacturing know-
                    ledge and "make-it-happen" skills via professional e-
                    coaching for operations leaders with responsibility for 
                    achieving  company strategic objectives.

Scope:      Present a structured program that transfers knowledge
                    and implementation know-how via 10-Best-in-Class,
                    Lean Manufacturing e-Tutorials coupled with pro-
                          .fessional e-coaching to optimize implementation success.

Certified Lean Manufacturing Champion (CLMC)
A Bill Gaw Management Development Program

The Process:

 1.  Place order for participant in the CLMC Program.

 2.  Participants receives their Lean Manufacturing ppt &
      pdf e-Library via internet download.

 3,  Participants review their e-Tutorials and decide
      their preferred sequence. (e-Tutorials are numbered
      01-10 but participants established their preferred
      sequence (In line with their company's needs).

 4.  For e-coaching support, Bill Gaw is always just an
      email/Skype away.

 5.  Participants write a one page paper discussing the
      three most important tutorial "take-a-ways" and
      e-mail the paper to Bill for review and comments.

 6.  Bill reviews the "take-a-ways" paper and  provides
      valuable email feedback. If a rewrite is required,
      additional e-coaching is provided via email/Skype.

 7.  Participant repeats steps 5 and 6 until final e-tutorial
paper is accepted.

 8.  Participant plans and leads a pilot kaizen event.
      Results are documented and a summary report is
      completed. If necessary, Bill Gaw will provide e-
      Coaching support...

 9.  "Certified Lean Manufacturing Champion  (CLMC) 
      certificate is presented upon completing the program.


Participation is Limited

Bill  works with a limited number of participants so don't delay, take action today.



Here's what Larry Franciscus had to say about his
Lean Manufacturing Champion Program.


Thank you so much for the kind words. I really enjoyed learning in this manner.  It is not just the regurgitation of information. There had to be an understanding of the material to write an effective paper. I will definitely take you up on your offer to help in the future. Enjoyed the experience and will recommend to others.


Larry Franciscus, Philips Lighting, Salina, KS

The 10-Best-in-Class, Lean Manufacturing e-Tutorials

e-Tutorial No. 1: Strategic Planning & Tactical Execution - 

Strategic planning is a business process that many companies employ to identify their critical success targets that set the course for future growth and profits. Manufacturing participation in the process is crucial to assure support of company strategic objective.

e-Tutorial No. 2: Information Integrity -  MRPII/ERP expectations will not be achieved when day-to-day production and manufacturing/ supply chain control  systems are driven  by  inaccurate,  untimely  and uncontrolled data and/or documentation.

e-Tutorial No. 3: Performance Management - Financial numbers may tell us who's winning the war, but it takes a motivational performance/balanced scorecard measurement system to win all the battles along the way. Remember, without data lean champions are just another opinion.

e-Tutorial No. 4: Value Stream Mapping - Analysis of the processes which the maps represent help you increase customer satisfaction by identifying actions to reduce process cycle time, decrease defects, reduce costs, establish customer-driven process performance measures, reduce non-value-added steps, and increase productivity are a few.

e-Tutorial No. 5: Kaizen Management -  If your business team can handle only one strategic initiative  at a time, then let it be the implementation of a “quick-hitting” kaizen program. There just isn’t any other more important manufacturing program in our pursuit of profits.

e-Tutorial No. 6: Sequential Production  and Team Dynamics- Effective shop floor control has proven elusive as  we have upgraded our manufacturing  control  system from  MRP  to MRPII  and  then  to ERP. To capture control of shop floor activities, we  need  to  stop beating  a “dead horse”  and implement  the Sequential Production Process and Team Dynamics. The winners are!.

e-Tutorial No. 7: Point-of-Use Supply Chain Management -Companies will never achieve their lean manufacturing  expectations as long as business leaders continue to talk about value-added supplier partnerships, while continuing to deal with their suppliers as adversaries. And, the elimination of the stockroom (a high non-value added contributor), as we know it today, should be high priority on the "to do" list.. 

e-Tutorial No. 8: Cycle Time Management - If your manufacturing team can handle only one kaizen project at a time, then let it be the reduction of total build/test cycle time. There just isn’t any other more important control factor in our pursuit of cost reduction and customer satisfaction.

e-Tutorial No. 9: Sequential and Linear Production - Companies will never achieve their full growth and profit potential if they produce more than 25% of their monthly shipment plan in the last week of the month or more than 33% of their quarterly shipment plan in the last month of the quarter. As companies struggle to remain competitive, one of the strategies by which gains in speed, quality and costs can be achieved is to implement and optimize  sequential and linear production processes.

e-Tutorial No. 10: Self-directed Work Team Development - A primary reason why many LEAN transformations have not delivered results to expectations is lack of effective leadership. Success transformation has come to many companies that have trained and empowered self-directed work teams.

The Power of Coaching

One of the most commonly cited keys to a successful transformation is having a great coach. Whether you're in the trenches or you're working your way up the corporate ladder, the experience of someone who's "been there, done that" can be invaluable. Throughout the Program, Bill Gaw provides expert knowledge, support, empathy, respect and most important... "Lessons Learned" during three success-full Lean manufacturing transformations.



A Recent Graduate's Feedback

Dear Bill,

I am very pleased that I discovered your website so I could take advantage of the Lean Manufacturing Certification program.  I was looking for something that provided practical information that I could use immediately and your e-coaching is exactly what I was looking for.  

Your experience in implementing a lean culture obviously shows as the material contains many examples of how each lean tool was applied.  I am very impressed with the breadth of your experiences across a company, from the executive office to the shop floor. 

Your coaching throughout the certification was very helpful and I am looking forward to keeping in touch and taking advantage of your offer to assist me at any time. Thank you very much.

V. A. Ames, Project Director, Sematech

Our Company

For more than 15 years, our customers and newsletter subscribers have looked to Business Basics as a trusted developer of best-in-class manufacturing, training materials... manufacturing knowledge and implementation know-how that's helping individuals and companies exceed their goals and expectations.

Our customer list speaks for itself. These companies are serious, as we know you are, about optimizing their company results and improving their bottom line. To review a partial list of customers using Business Basics’ training materials in their pursuit of best-in-class performance, simply click here--->  our customers.

What is the Cost?

Much less than you would imagine. In fact, we make the program affordable so that it can fit within your personal or company's training budget. I want you and your company to benefit from my Lean manufacturing knowledge and experiences and to do that is to make it affordable.

10-Best-in-Class, Lean Manufacturing e-Tutorials ($295.00)

Professional e-coaching by Bill Gaw (A value of $1500.00)

A $1795.00 Value for $1496.00

A Savings of 17 %

Certified Lean Manufacturing Champion (CLMC)
A Bill Gaw Management Development Program

A special Offer for Bill Gaw followers


Enroll in Bill's Lean Manufacturing Champion Program with e-Coaching today at the special discount price of $1496. That's thousands of dollars less than any on-site coaching program.


It's a Win - Win, Management Development Program

*  Become a better Lean operations leader
*  Focus your energy on the significant issues
*  Optimize MRP/ERP and other business processes
*  Gain control of inventories and optimize their turnover

*  Reduce your organization's day-to-day stress level
*  Master the 10-Lean Manufacturing transformation skills
*  Improve customer on-time product delivery and service
*  Eliminate non-value-added activities and related costs.

   Another graduate saying it better than we can::

Thank you very much for everything Bill, it means a lot that you took time from your busy schedule to talk and coach me through the program.

Thank you so very much for everything, I can't believe that this is over. I enjoyed immensely all the material and I will always apply in my work all that I learned from you.  I can't wait to add this to my resume...

I can't tell you enough times how much I enjoyed the whole program, and mostly I can't believe how much I learned.  Taking this program was one of the smartest decisions I ever made and I thank you for putting out the offer.

                       Lucia Sabou, Manufacturing Leader

Note: Lucia completed her program in a record breaking 2-months. Prior range was 3 to 8 months.

Our Guarantee says it all  

I know that you, like our other customers, will be thrilled with the results. In fact, I am so convinced that this certification program will work for you that if you aren't completely satisfied at the end of the program, simply request an immediate refund of your purchase price. 


The Ball is in Your Court

Remember, if a manufacturing leader continues to work the same way, he/she is going to get the same results. The next move is up to you. I've shown you that this certification program is as risk free as an offer can come. You and I know that if you've read this far, you're seriously interested in bringing sanity to your day-to-day work environment and helping your company reach its  full growth and earning potentials.

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--- Certified Lean Manufacturing Champion (CLMC) ---
A Management Development Program
with e-Coaching by Bill Gaw


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