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How to Become a Lean Manufacturing,
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The Lean Manufacturing, Freelance Consultant, Business-in-a-Box

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Have you ever had any of  these thoughts:

       *  I've been in this job too long!
       *  I'm tired of job hunting!
       *  I hate getting up in the morning!
       *  I see no opportunities for advancement!
       *  There must be a better way to make a living!
       *  On my current income curve, I may never be able to retire!

If so, then it's time for you to pursue a career change or at the least a business opportunity to augment your income and improve your life style. And you should take action now whether you're buried in the trenches or stuck on the corporate management ladder... whether you have too much on your plate or your bored with your current situation... now is the time to make your move. If not now... when?

Many frustrated manufacturing leaders constantly think about a transformation from  paid employee to entrepreneur. It's in our make-up, I guess. Bold independent rebels, all of us in pursuit of our full growth and earning potentials. And, why not... it's the American dream.

However, over my 20 years as an entrepreneur in the manufacturing sector,  I know from deep experience, that successful entrepreneurs in the game all enjoy massive amounts of outside help. They gave up the "reinvent the wheel" thing the moment they saw how FAST profits can come once you seek expert help and put it to use.

How Does One Get Started? 

The lean manufacturing consulting business is a great way to start your lucrative business. There are countless freelance consultants who are sharing a piece of the financial pie. Why not you? And a big plus is that your business can be started part time while you maintain your current employment.

Besides money, you will receive recognition, perhaps even fame. By choosing to become a lean manufacturing freelance consultant, you gain attention, respect, and recognition from others. By positioning yourself as an expert in your field, you will become the guru that others admire. There is a feeling of intoxication that comes with this territory, a kind of addiction that develops once you have a taste of what it's like to be an information entrepreneur.

A successful consulting business has three requisites:

      Marketing Know-how, a Proven Program, and Leadership Skills

All three of these requisites can be easily acquired and quickly put to use via a new and exciting business program: Bill Gaw's "Lean Manufacturing, Freelance Consultant, Business-in-a-Box."

With the knowledge and know-how you'll receive from the "Lean Manufacturing, Freelance Consultant, Business-in-a-Box." you'll qualify to share in the profits currently being reaped in these businesses. Whether you decide to go into it part-time or full time, the good news is that you can become part of these profitable businesses as soon as you receive "Lean Manufacturing, Freelance Consultant, Business-in-a-Box."

Why a Lean Manufacturing Consulting Business?

Today. analysis show that most manufacturers have initiated lean programs. However, less than 20% have achieved "Best-in-Class" performance. Many have abandoned their program due to a lack of an effective program and/or implementation leadership.

Bill Gaw created the "Lean Manufacturing, Freelance Consultant, Training Business-in-a-Box."  to help you get started in these businesses by providing you with the techniques and tools to help the 80% become best-in-class, lean manufacturers.

Your biz-in-a-box planning and presentation materials provide the solutions for each of the reasons why most lean initiatives fail to meet expectations. You'll be presenting  the techniques and tools that have been the pillars of three successful, Bill Gaw lean manufacturing transformations and that are now helping hundreds of manufacturing businesses:

* Better understand how to integrate lean manufacturing with MRP to increase process speed and people productivity

* Improve the development and execution of quality and supply chain  
 management  systems to improve customer satisfaction and earn "supplier of choice" awards from existing and potential customers

* Develop proactive, multi-functional, lean manufacturing teams to eliminate non-value-added activities and related costs and improve product profit margins

* Transform manufacturing training and learning from drudgery to fun to improve the spirit and performance of individuals, teams, and organizations.

Transforming MRP supporters into lean manufacturing advocates is a company's primary challenge in achieving and sustaining manufacturing success. To meet this challenge, your Biz-in-a-Box contains training materials that have proven to be successful in helping manufacturers achieve the transformation.

Two customers saying it better than I can:

“Bill's experience and the resources he provides are first rate and of great practical value for both the experienced manager wishing to push improvement in their business as well as people at the beginning of their careers who need to understand the basics of making businesses lean and effective”

             Quentin Kopp, a LinkedIn.com recommendation

"Your training materials are the easiest and fastest way to understand the practicalities of lean Manufacturing that I have seen in many years of Manufacturing consulting activity. I intend to use them in my practice, if you are agreeable, since I am now extending into new consulting areas."

          Luis Nascimento, DMA Consultores, Porto, Portugal


The Lean Manufacturing,
Consultant, Business-in-a-Box

Here's what's In-the-Box:

1. Pull vs. Push Video
This is the famous "Oldie but Goodie" video that demonstrates the LEAN (Pull) vs. the MRP (Push) production systems. , It helps everyone gain an understanding of the benefits of lean manufacturing techniques. 

2. The Manufacturing Simulation Exercises
Participative exercises that demonstrate the benefits of Pull (LEAN) production over Push (MRP) production. The game employs sequential production, kanban and point-of-use inventory and demonstrates how quality, cycle times, and productivity improve while reducing inventory, scrap, rework, and floor space requirements. Great for winning company-wide understanding, acceptance and commitment to a lean transformation project.

     What I hear... I forget, 
                           What I see... I remember,
                                                What I do ... I understand


Game Process Synopsis 

Active participation for 6 to 12 people with sideline observation note taking by up to 20 observers.

Team builds 20 Lego Towers of two configurations, 6 MRP subassemblies... from 320 LEGO Bricks.

MRP (Push) simulation includes stockroom, shop order picking and subassembly production. Time to complete: 25-45 minutes depending on team skill level.

Pull manufacturing simulation sets up a "one- piece" flow production line using JIT and kanbans. Time to complete: 15-25 minutes depending on team skill level.

A  most important 30 to 60 minute, post-forum initiates a discussion of the pros and cons of each method-ology. This is where the learning process takes hold.

For complete details, simply click on the below link:

Lean Manufacturing Simulation Game



A Customer's Testimonial:

We have been using Bill Gaw's ShowTime! Lean Manufacturing Simulation Game for well over five years and have used it to introduce over 40 team members to Lean Manufacturing concepts. It allows the trainees to experience the difference between the MRP "push" system vs. the Lean "pull" system. Classroom training has its' place, but this simulation really hammers home the difference between the two different scenarios. Experiencing the difference is much more powerful than simply learning about it.

Bill has also been very responsive when we have had questions or needed additional supplies or insight. I would ,without reservation, recommend Showtime! to anyone searching for a simulation to demonstrate the benefits of Lean Manufacturing.

Tom Doyle, Quality Assurance and Manufacturing Engineering
National Optronics   tdoyle@nationaloptronic.com



3. Bill Gaw's e-Library: "10-Basics of Best-in-Class, Lean Manufacturing."

Many historic, recurring day-to-day problems (perhaps the same problems that plague your operation) can be permanently eliminated by a tenacious execution of Bill's 10-Basics of Best-in-Class, Lean Manufacturing.

10-Basics for optimizing and sustaining growth and profits
10-Basics for increasing speed while improving quality
10-Basics for improving customer responsiveness
10-Basics for eliminating non-value-added costs
10-Basics for transforming a vision into reality
10-Basics for exceeding goals and expectations
10-Basics for creating a fun working environment
10-Basics for individual growth and earnings
10-Basics for creating a winning culture.

The e-Library is a grouping of 10 mini-Courses (e-Tutorials) that are delivered via Internet download and can be installed on all Internet devices and a company's Intranet. (.ppt and .pdf files)

Mini-Course No. 1: Strategic Planning & Tactical Execution

Strategic planning is a business process that many companies employ to identify their critical success targets that set the course for future growth and profits.

Mini-Course No. 2: Sales & Operations Planning

Bringing sanity to shop floor and supplier scheduling requires continuously improving the integration of sales forecasts, master schedules and day-to-day schedules.

Mini-Course No. 3: Point-of-Use Supply Chain Management

Companies will never achieve their BTB Manufacturing expectations as long as business leaders continue to talk about value-added supplier partnerships, while continuing to deal with their suppliers as adversaries.

Mini-Course No. 4: Information Integrity -

MRPII/ERP expectations will not be achieved when day-to-day production and manufacturing/supply chain control  systems are driven  by  inaccurate,  untimely  and  uncontrolled data and/or documentation.

Mini-Course No. 5: Value Stream Mapping -

Analysis of the processes which the maps represent can help you increase customer satisfaction by identifying actions to reduce process cycle time, decrease defects, reduce costs, establish customer-driven process performance measures, reduce non-value-added steps, and increase productivity are a few.

Mini-Course No. No. 6: Kaizen Management -  

Price Pritchett puts it this way," Without Kaizen, you and your employer will gradually lose ground. Eventually, you’ll be “out of business,” because the competition never stands still."

Mini-Course No. No. 7: Performance Management -

Financial numbers may tell us who's winning the war, but it takes a motivational balanced scorecard measurement system to win all the battles along the way.  Remember, without data management is just another opinion.

Mini-Course No. No. 8: Cycle Time Management -

If your business teams can handle only one strategic initiative at a time, then let it be the implementation of a cycle time reduction  program. There just isn’t any other more important program in our pursuit of profits.

Mini-Course No. No. 9: Sequential Production -

Effective shop floor control has proven elusive as  we have upgraded our manufacturing  control  system from  MRP  to MRPII  and  then  to ERP. To capture control of shop floor activities, we  need  to  stop beating  a “dead horse”  and implement  the  Sequential Production Process. The winners are!

Mini-Course No. No. 10: Production Linearity -

Companies will never achieve their full growth and profit potential if they produce more than 25% of their monthly shipment plan in the last week of the month or more than 33% of their quarterly shipment plan in the last month of the quarter. As companies struggle to remain competitive, one of the strategies by which gains in speed, quality and costs can be achieved is to pursue and achieve linear production.

4.  The Thinking Outside the Box Workshop... A PowerPoint
       Presentation with note page commentary

The principles presented by the Thinking-Outside-the-Box e-Workshop are so fundamental that it is applicable to each and every person, whether in an organization or an individual setting.

5.  Train-the-Trainer Manual

Train-the-Trainer Manual

Train the Trainer Manual

Should company leaders need to improve their training skills, included is an effective pre-sentation methodology, a vital "train the trainer" resource for lean leaders.

6.  Book Selection Number 1

An Insider's Guide to Building a Successful Consulting Practice


An Insider's Guide to Building a Successful Consulting Practice

Whether you're an experienced independent consultant, just beginning your career, interested in consulting part time, or tired of working for other people, this book is the
guide for you.


7.  Book Selection Number 2

Freelance to Freedom: The Roadmap for Creating a Side Business to Achieve Financial, Time and Life Freedom

Freelance Freedom

Vincent and his wife were stuck in dead end newspaper photography jobs, in debt and stressed. Out of desperation, they left their jobs and started a freelance photography business. In less than 4 years, they grew their business, paid off all of their debt, including their home, and earned a life of freedom and happiness.

With the world moving rapidly towards a freelance model, Freelance to Freedom is not only timely and necessary, but it’s also entertaining, engaging and paints a picture for anyone looking for a life of freedom with money, time and location.


8. Last but most important the Business Basics Copyright

This is a license issued by Business Basics, LLC to authorize buyer to use, modify, and re-brand all promotion and  training materials in this offer for use in their business. (Instantly puts you in the lean manufacturing, freelance consulting business.)

This Lean Manufacturing, Freelance Consultant, Business-in-a-Box will help you help individuals and companies:

*  Better understand how to integrate lean manufacturing with MRP
*  Transform manufacturing training and learning from drudgery to fun
*  Identify and master the basics of "flow technology"
*  Develop proactive, empowered, manufacturing teams
*  Create a highly productive and fun working environment
*  Increase speed, improve quality and reduce costs
*  Reach their full growth and earning potentials.


"Lean Manufacturing Biz-in-a-Box"

As part of my Operational Excellence consultancy start-up activities, I was looking to create an initial minimum viable services package (MVS) to offer to my prospective clients. Bill’s "Biz-in-a-Box" became the catalyst to start pivoting and soliciting more specific feedbacks on customer wants & needs from my target market. This catalyst was instrumental in creating a core MVS and growing it effectively into a larger services portfolio. Bill’s Biz-in-a-Box jump-started my OpsInSynch consultancy by providing validated marketing ideas, presentation formats, and invaluable content.

Avo Bedrossian, P.Eng., PMP
Founder & Principal Consultant


What Does It Cost?

To help you implement and realize the full benefits of your Lean Manufacturing, Freelance Consultant, Business-in-a-Box  will included the below listed materials:

Video LEAN vs. MRP, "Stockless Production" - Priceless

Lean Manufacturing Simulation Game -  (Price: $496.00)

PDF/PPT Lean Manufacturing Tutorial e-Library- (Price: $396.00 )

PDF/PPT, Thinking Outside the Box Workshop -  (Price: $496.00)

PDF, Train the Trainer Manual -  (Price: $28.00)

License to use Business Basics' copyright materials in your business with re-branding rights - (Price: $800.00)


Book Selection No.1:  "An Insider's Guide to Building a Successful Consulting Practice"

Book Selection No.2: " Freelance to Freedom"

PDF, Overcoming CI Obstacles and Cultural Roadblocks


The Lean Manufacturing,
Freelance Consultant, Business-in-a-Box

Retail Price: $2216.00

A Special Offer for Bill Gaw's Followers
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Price: $997.00
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Our Guarantee Says it all

We are so sure that your Lean Manufacturing, Freelance Consultant, Business-in-a-Box will produce the results you desire that you can order entirely at our risk. If the profit from your your first client project does not exceed your biz-in-a--box investment, we'll return your full purchase price.


The Ball is in Your Court

Remember, if you continue to work the same way, you're going to get the same results. The next move is up to you. I've shown you that the Lean Manufacturing, Freelance Consultant, Business-in-a-Box is as risk free as this offer can be. You and I know that if you've read this far, you're seriously interested in reaching your full growth and earning potentials while gaining a reputation as an effective lean transformation champion.


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