The Lean Journey Study Mission
to Japan for Executives

Each year Business Basics partners with ENNA in support of their Lean Journey Study Mission to Japan.

ENNA exists to fundamentally improve industry by exposing its leaders to the very best applications of lean strategy, concepts and techniques. To facilitate this goal, they organize and coordinate the annual Lean Journey Study Mission to Japan. 

Hi, Bill Gaw here to encourage you to join this year's mission. There is no better option for ensuring that your company has the latest lean methodology and techniques for optimizing your 2017 bottom line. 

If you're current situation makes it impossible for you to get away, why not send your lean transformation champion. You'll be glad you did.

If you're interested in learning more about the trip or how to register, simply send me a blank email with "Interest" as the subject:

Have a nice day,

Bill Gaw

Next Study Mission to Japan: Oct 22nd - 28th, 2017

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Exposure to Multiple Industries

"After arriving in Japan, I came to realize that there was something more than just tools or methods. What I found was, without no doubt, that business was based on respect to people, machines, and environment."

                                                               Trevor Zerner, Managing Director

"Visual communication is the most striking. I wanted to see what a visual factory was. I read about it in textbooks, but it is something you have to see."

                                               Cliff Ellery, Site Manager / NDA Engineering

"The networking that goes on is amazing; learning from those practicing, going through same issues. I gained even more knowledge and practical advice from those on the tour that have been trying for longer than myself."
                                                           Julie Williams, General Manager / AG Solutions

"You can do Lean stuff in your own business, but it is a trick converting your suppliers to your way of thinking. We were able to see how suppliers and Toyota are putting Lean into practice."

                                 Neil Long, Demand Chain Development Manager

"Flexibility we requested healthcare/medical related facilities and Enna provided that. The value there is to really understand what similar companies have, or tried, to accomplish and how we could learn from situations similar as ours. "

                                                                Medical Industry - Patrick Hagan, President

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