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Kaizen Implementation Infographic
5S Principles: Part 4 of 4

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A study of companies that have achieved Operational Excellence will invariably show that they have developed a culture of gradual, continuous improvement. This culture provides the basis for change initiative implementation success and helps individuals and companies reach their full growth and earning potentials.

The Japanese call it kaizen - a culture of gradual, continuous improvement. We describe it as "a tenacious focus on quick-hitting, process improvements." 

In this infographic, we'll focus on the 5S Process.



Sustain: (Shitsuke) This is by far the most difficult S to implement and achieve. Human nature is to resist change and more than a few organizations have found themselves with a dirty cluttered shop a few months following their attempt to implement 5S. The tendency is to return to the status quo and the comfort zone of the "old way" of doing things. Sustain focuses on defining a new status quo and standard of work place organization.


Once fully implemented, the 5S process can increase morale, create positive impressions on customers, and increase efficiency and organization. Not only will employees feel better about where they work, the effect on continuous improvement can lead to less waste, better quality and faster lead times. Any of which will make your organization more profitable and competitive in the market place.


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