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Six Sigma Implementation

Six Sigma Implementation 

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The U.S. economy is coming out of its recent stall, the manufacturing sector expanded at a respectable rate in July on strong orders and higher productions rates.

The Institute for Supply Management said its manufacturing index registered 62.0 in July, up from 61.1 in June. It was the 14th consecutive monthly increase and was in line with the consensus forecast of analysts.

An index reading above 50 indicates expansion, while one below 50 indicates that manufacturing activity is contraction. The gauge has been above 50 sine June of last year.

"July represents a good start for the third quarter, and the outlook continues to be very encouraging as new orders and production accelerated during the month," Norbert J. Ore, chairman of the institute's survey committee, said in a statement accompanying the report.

As the expansion continues, many manufacturers are once again experiencing problems in meeting production schedules, maintaining high quality products and satisfying customer requirements. It's important the your company takes advantage of this opportunity to increase their competitive edge. 

“Lean Six Sigma” is all about identifying and mastering the basics that can improve your competitive edge. If your company wants to eliminate shop floor chaos and end-of-the-month scrambling and create a fun work environment, be sure to read this week’s article and pass it along to those who could benefit from its message.

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