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Balanced Scorecard Tutorial

Balanced Scorecard Tutorial

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Last week’s bulletin, “Balanced Scorecards: Without 
data, you're just another opinion,” produced my 
favorite question, “What can balanced scorecards do 
for me?” 

Here’s what balanced scorecards can do for you?

* Create a "level playing field" for company-wide
performance management 
* Develop a fair process for performance recognition 
and rewards 
* Establish company-wide commitment to strategic 
planning and tactical execution 
* Achieve planning and execution beyond expectations
* Provide timely and accurate status feedback on the 
progress of implementation 
* Increase your career growth and earnings potential.

Running a business without performance management is 
like flying an airplane without controls. You may end 
up SOMEWHERE, but the odds are it won't be your 
intended destination! 

How does one go about developing balanced scorecards? 
My performance management seminars were a good way to 
gain balanced scorecards knowledge. Now, my powerful 
methodology is available via e-learning for anyone … 
anywhere … anytime as the e-Tutorial: “Balanced 
Scorecards.” This powerful e-Tutorial provides an 
excellent performance management system for optimizing 
implementation of change initiatives, e.g. Lean 
Manufacturing and Lean Six Sigma

Ask yourself these questions. Do you want to:

* Build a solid foundation for motivational 
performance management?
* Generate timely and accurate data on which to base 
* KNOW your progress to plan at any given moment?
* Make mid-course corrections based on timely and 
accurate data and information?
* Earn recognition and rewards in "real-time" not only 
during your annual review?
* Make significant contributions to your company’s 
bottom line.

If you answered yes to EVEN ONE of these questions, my 
Balanced Scorecards e-Tutorial WILL help you and your 
company! Implementing Balanced Scorecards could mean 
a big boost to your career and to your company’s bottom 

To discover why and how manufacturing winners are 
implementing and mastering the 6-Basics found in my 
e-Tutorial, Balanced Scorecards,” go to:

(This link is working this time.)

You owe it to yourself and to your company to have this 
information. I encourage you to print and share this 
bulletin with your upper management ... with their 
support, balanced scorecards can help create a win-win 
work environment for everyone. For a VERY SPECIAL, BB&BP,


Have a nice day, keep the faith, and stay connected.

Bill Gaw
email: bg@bbasicsllc.com

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Better. I guarantee it!

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