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In any group of human beings there is always one common thread葉hey are all people. But on closer inspection the really intriguing aspect is that each person in that group is a unique individual endowed with self-awareness, imagiュnation, creativity, conscience and independent will葉he freedom to think, conceptualize, choose and act. And s/he is likewise duly responsible for those choices and actions.

The result is a potentially powerful diversity. That is what makes the leadership and management of people so chalュlenging, and so rewarding.
You cannot escape the reality of diversity when it comes to people. After all, people come in all different sizes and shapes, and more importantly, with a wide range of mindsets. But both individually and in groups, differences are unforュtunately not always valued. In point of fact, diversity can be, and often is, the keystone for destructive conflict, the arch-enemy of teamwork. On the other hand, when differュences are both respected and valued, there is nothing more powerful for innovative thinking and effective team action. Based on real-world case experience, this paper addresses in a very practical way both the preconditions and illustraュtive techniques葉he how to of managing diversity in the people side of organizations for effective teamwork.

Making a win/win of diversity is not just important擁t is an organizational imperative! Accordingly, an easy-to-follow framework for managing the growing diversity all organizations is presented. Practical use of tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Keirsey Temperament Sorter together with the Listening-Adjustュment Approach will be thoughtfully explained.

Any management can just anoint teams! Effective interdeュpendence means getting folks to work together to produce outstanding results that please customers. So the real "name of the game" is to harness the synergistic power of diversity and resulting constructive conflict through the adoption and internalization of a set of shared values to which all can aspire.
Diversity擁gnore it at your peril! The only alternative is to manage it, making diversity an advantage by underュstanding and channeling its potent potential.

Effective teamwork is important, not only in formal project teams, but also in the day-in/day-out interaction of people. Organizational life demands it. Organizations are truly effective when that interaction is genuine, selfless, and supportive. Such an organizational climate tends to please customers better than the run-of-the-mill competitor. And in the longer term that effective teamwork greatly assists the organization to realize its strategic intent.
In all of this, the diversity among human resources is a two-edged sword. When the potential from diversity is harmoュnized and channeled towards strategic goals, such as quick response, on-time new product creation and development, or process reengineering to reduce both leadtimes and inventory levels while improving customer service meaュsures葉hen diversity becomes truly synergistic and the organizational effectiveness multiplies. But when diverュsity leads to divisiveness, unresolved differences with hidden agendas, and dig-in-the-heels defensiveness葉hat is when diversity cuts the organizational lifelines and breeds ineffective, energy-wasting action, or worse yet inaction.

So diversity can be a major strength, or an alarming weakness. Given that premise, the management of diverュsity and the adept leadership at all levels of the diverse human resources who, after all, really create the value, is a paramount issue.

To be Continued


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