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Management is to a large degree, an art. The challenge is to turn amateurs into accomplished artists—the method is acquiring updated tools and techniques. If a manager lacks an understanding of the what's, how's and why's of comple­mentary organizations, it is predictable that their efforts will be unilateral and/or counter-productive. Conversely, a solid grasp of integrative complexities significantly in­creases success rates.

There are several simple and practical steps that can be taken to define operational changes which necessitate updated skills:
• Changes in organizational structures. These changes will outdate some long-standing functionally-based reporting procedures and replace them with matrix-based systems.
• Changes in how work is accomplished. Re engineering is a process necessitating retraining and skill enhance­ment to achieve expected efficiency improvements.
• Changes in roles and the culture they operate within. At the top this means strong leadership throughout the enterprise to create entrepreneurial groups within a large organization. The team members within each group must receive training in new skills to allow them to deal with complex changes.
Each of these types of changes will outdate certain long­standing functionally-based procedures and replace them with matrix-based systems. Matrix systems affect leader­ship styles and technical training needs. The value of cross training can't be over emphasized Managing complex changes, as always, calls for involvement, creativity and initiative.

Traditional performance standards emphasize the indi­vidual and how one's own actions impact corporate objec­tives and in tern personal performance evaluations and pay. A shift to a team perspective is a radical transition— causing emotional and procedural chaos. Implementation techniques range from weekly peer reviews based on a simple assessment of whether or not one was a "team player" to self-assessment of team contributions.

Start by taking steps to ensure that standards are consis­tent from the company's mission statement through each level of management all the way through to working level implementation teams. Everyone must clearly understand the criteria and the way to facilitate understanding and buy-in. Employees who are cooperative, well-liked and willing to put team welfare above personal wishes are particularly valued.

Customers attain a new status in a multi-functional situation. This may include participation in working teams and direct input to performance evaluations.

Managers and professionals at all levels will benefit them­selves by improving their integrative leadership skills. More importantly, these individual contributions create environments supportive of cross-functional cooperation— a bottom-line essential in the progression towards globilization and the next century. Companies who are unable to compete globally will not survive as industry leaders. External barriers to global expansion are falling, leaving only artificial internal roadblocks. Successful enterprise integration is a crucial first step.


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