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The objective of this paper is to apply CIRM concepts and principles to develop an Integrated Enterprise Manage­ment Team that supports a customer focus by melding functional resources at every level—from the top level management team setting policies and strategies to the project teams implementing product introductions.

Top management must acquire a firm grasp of critical operational and support activities and their dynamic inter-dependencies. Executives directly impact the corporate culture via official policies, objectives and strategies. Ad­ditional influence is exerted indirectly in the perception surrounding official actions. While subtle, this underlying support or lack of support is extremely powerful. This unspoken aura surrounding the influence can be the over­riding factor in success. This comprehension leads them to create an environment fostering cross-functional coopera­tion throughout the entire enterprise.

IBM's shift towards a team approach is championed by CEO Louis Gerstner who views his role as convincing employees that this strategy migration is a winning move. The key is to make it occur "naturally" which implies that informally created perceptions mirror formal policies.

Pre-1990's managers, who frequently operated in a func­tionally-driven business environment, were both the prod­ucts and the propagators of divisive tactical strategies that are no longer effective. Today's "lean and mean" businesses are rapidly evolving and an integrative organization is emerging. Today's managers must be capable of adapting to new and complex conditions encompassing a greatly expanded knowledge base to support this multi-functional approach.

IBM CEO Louis Gerstner, Jr., views getting people to work across organizational boundaries as the top priority and sees his role as leading the cultural evolution.

A successful transition manager generally has effective interpersonal skills, the respect of everyone in the enter­prise and the organizational power to initiate action.

It's a safe bet that without the support of the entire workforce, any cultural evolution will be in name only. An integrated enterprise owes its success to summoning the skills of every team member. Methods used include:
• Including the entire workforce from the beginning. Making everyone aware of the reasons change is nec­essary, what changes will occur, when things will happen, and most importantly, what results are ex­pected and how each person can contribute.

• Assuring that each person receives training to cope with the changes—both in general areas such as prob­lem solving and team building; and job specific retrain­ing such as cross-training.

The three critical areas for the general workforce are then knowledge, training, and participation. If these are supported by strong transition leadership, building new cultures is achievable.

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