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The Factory Demonstration Model is a working model that demonstrates three types of manufac­turing methods currently used in industry. These methods include: Functional (Push), Just-in-Time (pull), and Cellular Manufacturing (Cell).The demonstration focuses on two main con­cepts—Value-Added Manufacturing and Elimi­nating Waste. Both concepts utilize continuous improvement techniques that challenge your fac­tory team to continuously improve the manufac­turing process by raising each individuals knowledge, awareness, and creativity through group participation and interactive sessions. Teamwork and empowerment take on a new perspective as participants become highly moti­vated to solve problems and discover new approaches in applying concepts like Just In Time.

The Factory Demonstration Model takes the knowledge of manufacturing productivity out of the textbook and into our battlefield training room. It will provide our troops with a powerful training tool that will educate, train and motivate our employees toward continual improvements in manufacturing efficiency, flexibility and productivity within the organization.

Model Operations Description

The model simulates a working factory and requires ten people to operate the model factory. Additional people are also required to act as observers to suggest improvements for each demonstration experiment.

The model is set up to resemble a factory with multiple departments, machines, tools, and warehouse. There are support functions for Production Control, Quality, and Accounting. The model is initially driven by an MRP-based plan that provides a production schedule, production orders and simulates all associated transactions for issuing, moving and recording work-in-process inventory. The participants then progressively migrate the model to JIT and Cellular demonstration exercises.

Performance Measurement

Performance measurement objectives are established and monitored. The team's main focus is to make continual improvements in the key areas of production cycle time, work-in-process reduction, quality, productivity and paperwork reduction. The model will clearly demonstrate to your team what it means to make a 5- to 7-fold productivity improvement, a goal of many world-class organizations.

Rewarding the Troops

The basic training exercise concludes with a review of the statistics derived from all of the exercises that compares the results of all three demonstrated methods. Medals and honor­able mentions will be awarded.

Just as in our military experiences at boot camp, the newly trained recruits will now have enough training to advance to the next stage of the war, their own "Factory Floor War Zones!" Concepts, ideas and practical application approaches learned in the demonstrations can now be transported back to each attendees own company where new battles are yet to be fought as America begins to fight back in the real "Global" battle over manufacturing supremacy as we look forward toward the Twenty-First Century.


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