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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a useful tool for under­standing personality and how it impacts relationships, organizational development, teamwork, decision making, morale, and business success.

According to Jung, everyone is born with a preference for certain kinds of behavior. Your preference is called your TYPE. It consists of two functions (data gathering and decision making) and two attitudes (energy orientation and extraverted function (data gathering or decision mak­ing). Everyone uses both data gathering and decision making functions (sensing, intuition, thinking, feeling) and everyone adopts both attitudes (extraversion, intro­version, judging, perceiving). The most preferred, or favorite, is the one that is your TYPE. Your dominant function (perceiving or decision making) is extraverted (shown to the world) if you are an extravert, however it is kept inside if you are the introverted type, and your auxiliary function (perceiving or decision making) is extra­verted.

Below is some information about the specific characteris­tics of Myers-Briggs Type. The information came from many sources, which are identified for you at the end of this material in case you want to do further research.

Myers-Briggs Type Energy

E (Extraversion)—You draw your energy from the outer world of action, people and things, and you devote your attention to the outside world of action, people and things.

I (Introversion)—You draw your energy from the inner world of concepts, thoughts and ideas, and you devote your attention to the inner world of concepts, thoughts and ideas.

Data Gathering

S (Sensing)—You gather data through your five senses and like and trust immediate, real, and practical facts and experience.
N (Intuitive)—You gather data through your five senses, and then go beyond facts to identify additional possibilities of relationships and the meaning of experiences.

Decision Making

T (Thinking)—You make your decisions objectively, on the basis of logic, reason, and rational thought.

F (Feeling)—You make your decisions subjectively, person­ally, on the basis of values and human relationships.

J (Judging)—You extravertyour judgingfunction, showing the outside world your preference for making decisions. You like for things to be decided and want to control events.

P (Perceiving)—You extravert your data gathering func­tion, showing the outside world your preference for collect­ing information. You prefer keeping your options open to the last minute, and want to understand life and adapt to it.

In combination, these characteristics form temperament, function pairs, extraverted function pairs, and quadrants.


SJ—Sensing Judger

Your Quest is for belonging to meaningful institutions. Your Style is stabilizer/traditionalist. Your Weakness is disorganization
Characteristics: You are loyal to the system, decisive, orderly, super dependable. You prefer structure and tradition, and are resistant to change.

At work you appreciate caution, thoroughness, and accu­racy. You dislike expired deadlines, and disregard for standard procedures.

As a leader, you understand and maintain institutional values, and provide stability and structure. You can criti­cize more quickly than praise.

SP—Sensing Perceiver

Your Quest is for action.

Your Style is troubleshooter/negotiator. Your Weakness is routine/inactivity.

Characteristics: You are free spirited, fun-loving, and spontaneous. You can be good in a crisis.

At work you can adapt readily, be bold, and recognize that the process is as important as the task. You dislike rigid guidance and adherence to standard opera ting procedures.

As a leader, you can be perceived as indecisive. You are willing to take risks and are best at short range projects.

NF—Intuitive Feeling

Your Quest is for identity. Your Style is catalyst. Your Weakness is guilt.
Characteristics: You are supportive of others, cooperative, and give strokes freely. You are in a search for yourself.

At work you can give personal praise, and understand feelings and ideas. You dislike impersonal treatment and failure to attend to the needs of people.

As a leader you are empathetic, responsive to people. You communicate appreciation and enthusiasm.

NT—Intuitive Thinking

Your Quest is for competence.

Your Style is visionary.

Your Weakness is incompetence in others.

Characteristics: You are a high achiever, intellectually curious, and independent. You can be self-doubting.

At work you recognize capability, competence, insight, brilliant ideas and strategies. You dislike violation of principle, unproductive traditions, and biases.

As a leader you work well with ideas and concepts, and focus on possibilities through objective analysis. You are not always aware of others' feelings

To be Continued


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