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Bill Gaw's 8-Basics of Lean Manufacturing have
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   Part Shortages
          Excess Inventory
                  Scrap and Rework
                          Late Shipments
                                 Customer Complaints
                                       End-Of-Month Scramble



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The 8-Basics of Lean Manufacturing

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What Everyone Ought to Know About Training

Believe it... "there is no free lunch!"

If you search the Internet for manufacturing training materials, you'll come across a ton of stuff... and most of it free.

Now we've had people tell us that there is no need to purchase anything because "you can get so much free stuff on the net."  

Admittedly, there is a ton of free stuff on the net...and if you put it all together you'd probably have over a zillion hours of YouTube videos, and a zillion pages of white papers and case studies.  

So if you had over a zillion hours of YouTube videos, and a zillion pages of white papers and case studies would you and your company realize your full growth and earning potentials?  

Let me answer that for you... NOOOOOO! 

Unfortunately, even most "not for free" manufacturing training materials fail to meet buyer expectations because they are either:

*  EBooks with little or no effective graphics to optimize learning

*  PowerPoint presentations with no commentary and "lesson learned"
   to drive home the “how to” of lean tools and techniques

*  Videos that deliver information at super speeds but with
   comprehension difficulties

*  Seminars/webinars that present a lot of materials however
   most attendee’s retention rate is less than 25% and relev-
   ant, at-home transformations rarely get started.

Bill Gaw's Unique, PowerPoint-Plus, Knowledge Transfer

Bill's lean Manufacturing knowledge transfer packages includes powerful, PowerPoint charts and graphics, "plus" annotated note pages with “how to make-it-happen” commentary and "lessons learned." by a "been there, done that" lean manufacturing champion.

One of the  keys to success is having a great coach. Whether you're "in the trenches" or working your way up the corporate ladder. the experience of someone who's "been there, done that" can be invaluable. Throughout his knowledge transfer tutorials, Bill Gaw provides expert knowledge, support, empathy, respect and, most important, the wisdom of "been there, done that" experience. and, he's always just an email away.

The PowerPoint-Plus Advantage

Customers study their PowerPoint-Plus, materials, print sections and highlight relevant passages that are important to understanding and master. The resultant guidelines are used for team empowerment, motivation and the successful implementation of their change initiatives.... e-Books, basic PowerPoint presentations, videos, and seminars/webinars just don’t close to the performance results generated by Bill Gaw's PowerPoint-Plus Tutorials.


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Lean Manufacturing Knowledge

Performance Management Knowledge

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Lean Manufacturing Certification Program

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Lean Manufacturing, DIY, Training Program-in-a-Box

Lean  Manufacturing, PowerPoint-Plus, CD Library

Lean Manufacturing Simulation Game

Options for: Consulting and Coaching:

Mike Osterling's Manufacturing Assessment and  Action Planning

Enrique Mora's Kaizen Event Training and Implementation

 Bill Gaw's Manufacturing Management Development Program

Lean Manufacturing Knowledge and skills that you'll
not find in the books at neither
in the APICS Library nor the Harvard
Business School Press.  

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