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5-Reasons Why 80% of Lean Manufacturing Initiatives Fail to Meet Expectations

The Lean Benchmark Report

A while back, the Aberdeen Group, published their “Lean Benchmark Report.” Of close to 300 manufacturers that participate in this study, 90% reported that they are committed to Lean. However, further analysis found that less than 20% of these companies can be considered best-in-class.

Below you will find the 5-reasons why lean initiatives fail to meet expectation and a few lean manufacturing training options that are helping individuals and companies eliminate them. Invest some minutes of your time and check out the reasons and their solutions.

Reason No. 1 is lack of understanding, support and commitment for a company's lean transformation.

Lean Manufacturing Training

Solution No. 1:  Unless all employees participating in the lean transformation are convinced that the lean manufacturing initiatives are important to individual and company success, lean transformation will not meet expectations.

Need help... Click here--->Lean Manufacturing Simulation Game to help companies communicate the need for lean transformation and rally company-wide support of the program.

Reason No. 2 is not enough planning.

Lean Manufacturing Training: Assessment & PlanningLean Manufacturing Simulation Game

Solution No. 2:  It's not an "add water and stir" initiative. You can't just decide one day to become lean and think it will happen overnight. You need to determine what constraints are impeding your ability to increase speed, improve quality, and eliminate non-value-added activities. And, finally your tactical plan needs to be developed based on value stream mapping and gap analysis.

Need help... click here---> Value Stream Mapping, Gap Analysis and lean transformation planning for guiding your manufacturing team to a successful implementation.

Reason No. 3 is lack of "been there, done that" training.

Lean Management Training: Kaizen Kaizen Stock PhotoLean Manufacturing Training:  Kaizen

Solution No. 3:  Even with the best plan, successful implementation will be evasive if thereis not a genuine commitment to employee lean manufacturing training, team development and empowerment.

Need help... Click here---> Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or at-your-site team training that delivers lean manufacturing knowledge and implementation skills, simply click on a below link:

Reason No. 4 would be failure to establish goals and expectations, track daily/weekly progress and carry out corrective actions if and when required.

Solution No. 4:  Determining motivational performance metrics and establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to track performance is paramount to achieving positive, sustainable lean transformation results.

Need help... Click here---> Manufacturing Performance Management Training
(including the development of the Balanced/Performance Scorecard).

Reason No 5 is lack of effective lean manufacturing leadership.

Lean Manufacturing Training: Certification

Solution No. 5:  It is time to purge and integrate the best of World Class Manufacturing, MRP, and Lean Manufacturing into an effective WCMII system.

Need help... Click here---> Lean Manufacturing Certification Program.

                    Click here---> Manufacturing Management Development Program:

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