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Why Do Most Lean Manufacturing Initiatives Fail to Meet Expectations?

A while back, the Aberdeen Group, published their “Lean Bench-mark Report.” Of close to 300 manufacturers that participate in this study, 90% reported that they are committed to LEAN. However, further analysis found that less than 20% of these companies can be considered best-in-class. The report went on to say: "Companies that have achieved operational excellence through the deployment of a lean strategy share this important characteristic:

"Dedication to basics such as streamlining processes, creating a well ordered work environment, and ongoing continuous improvement programs (Kaizen)."

Lean Manufacturing Success...
It's the BASICS, Friend!


Henry Ford: Creating the BASICS

Henry Ford first introduced manufacturing basics at his River Rouge operation in 1920. Using these basics as a basis for his production line concept, the Model T Ford plant was able to go from receipt of iron ore to casting the engine block, and to ship-ment of the machined engine block in a final assembled car in an astonishing forty-eight hours.


Vince Lombardi: Mastering the BASICS

Many years ago Vince Lombardi led the Green Bay Packers football team to unprecedented success by having an almost obsessive focus on doing the BASICS very well. 

It’s amazing how many individuals and companies have great visions yet fail to achieve their full growth and earning potentials. They're a lot like the Green Bay Packers' football team before the arrival of Vince Lombardi... all the potential in the world but with not enough focus on executing the BASICS of their business and profession. 


ShowTime! A Lean Manufacturing, Back-to-Basics, Training Program

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