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Taking Individual and Company Lean
Manufacturing Performance To a Higher Level

Bill Gaw's, back-to-basics, management development and team training products are helping individuals
and companies reach their full growth
and earning potentials

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To begin, let me share with you some
"Back-to-Basics" history.

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Henry Ford: Created Lean Manufacturing BASICS

Henry Ford first introduced lean manufacturing BASICS at his River Rouge operation in 1920. Using his lean basics as the basis for his pro-duction line concept, the Model T Ford plant was able to go from receipt of iron ore to casting the engine block, to machining the engine block, to building the engine and shipping it in a final assembled car in an astonishing forty-eight hours. Now that's LEAN!


Vince Lombardi: Mastering the BASICS

Many years ago Vince Lombardi led the Green Bay Packers football team to unprecedented success by having an almost obsessive focus on mast-ering the BASICS of football.

It’s amazing how many individuals and companies have great visions yet fail to achieve their full growth and earning potentials. They're a lot like the Green Bay Packers' football team before the arrival of Vince Lombardi... all the potential in the world but with not enough focus on execut-ing the BASICS of their business and profession. 

Lean Manufacturing transformation is not an "add water and stir" initiative. You can't just decide one day to become lean and think it will happen overnight.

Below you'll find my back-to-basics, lean manufacturing, management develop-ment and team training products. The "WHAT TO DO" and most important the "HOW-TO-DO IT" for achieving a lean manufacturing transformation beyond  expectations.

Both products are available at a special discount
for my "Back-to-Basics

Certified Lean Manufacturing Champion (CLMC)

Lean Manufacturing Training: Certification

Below are the  words of Mike Myatt, a management advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs and Boards and a Senior Fellow at the Gordian Institute. He is widely regarded as America's Top CEO Coach.

      ”Don’t train leaders, coach them, mentor them, disciple
        them, and develop them, but please don’t attempt to
        train them.”  

      ”Training is something leaders dread and will try to avoid,
       whereas they will embrace and look forward to development.
       Development is nuanced, contextual, collaborative, fluid, and
       above all else, actionable.”

Such writings inspired me, Bill Gaw, to develop a Back-to-Basics, Management Development Program with one-on-one e-Coaching that marries Mr. Myatt's management development philosophy with my "been there, done that" Back-to-Basics, Lean manufacturing and operation excellence knowledge and "make-it-happen" skills. The result was the creation of the program:: Certified Lean Manufacturing Champion (CLMC)

As a Certified Lean Manufacturing Champion you will  have mastered the back-to-basics knowledge of Lean Manufacturing and develop the "know how" required to successfully guide a successful transformation.

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Lean Manufacturing, Back-to-Basics, Training e-Library

Lean Manufacturing Training: Assessment & PlanningKaizen Stock Photo

Lean Manufacturing transformation is not an "add water and stir" initiative. You can't just decide one day to become lean and think it will happen overnight.

First you need to develop, train and empower multi-task work teams to:

1. Determine what constraints are impeding your ability to increase speed, improve quality, and eliminate non-value-added activities. 

2. Develop, document and Implement a detailed lean manufacturing transformation plan.

My  Back-to-Basics e-Library will help develop and train (retrain) your manufacturing and operations team(s). They will develop and implement change initiatives that will produce a lean manufacturing transformation producing results beyond your expectations..

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If you feel this management development and training material would help you and your company but you're not in a position to take action,  feel free to forward this special offer accordingly.


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Manufacturing Performance To a Higher Level

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